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Currently, peri-implantitis is the predominating subject in implantology.
Leakages between implant parts, mesostructure and suprastructure
are known as “microleakage” occurring in gaps and hollow spaces found in the assembled implants. Consequently, we have to...

Successful Periimplantitis Prophylaxis

Author: Prof. Dr. Dr. C. U. Fritzemeier, Düsseldorf, Germany

During the last decades, implantology emerged as one of the most innovative enrichments in the field of dentistry. The considerable increase is expected in the future. Compared to earlier methods, endosseous implantology is a simple treatment that usually ...

Periodontitis Prophylaxist through Sealing the Superstructures

Prof. Dr. Dr. C. U. Fritzemeier, Düsseldorf, Germany

Periodontal disease is still a key area of interest in dentistry today. While, in the past, we relied on improving treatments in technical and material terms, with today’s possibilities, treatments that enable...

Germ-proof sealing - Clinically proven

Protect Hollow Spaces Against Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
Out of manufacturing constraints, gaps and hollow spaces between implant and superstructure are inevitable in all compound implants. These gaps can be minimized depending on fabrication precision. However, they are never completely...

Prevention of Peri-implant Diseases

Asst. Professor Dragana Gabrić, DDM, PhD, Zagreb, Croatia

The usage of dental implants in the therapy of complete and partial loss of teeth daily results in a growing number of complications and cases of peri-implant diseases, and consequential loss of implant stability and osseointegration. According to Brånemark...

How to Prevent Microleakage in lmplants

Dr. med. dent. Deborah Horch, Düsseldorf, Germany

Every colleague working in implantology is familiar with the unpleasant odor when opening the implant body. The involved bacterial colonization is immanent in all multipart implants, however, it can be prevented by adequate treatment methods. In my practice...

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