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Syntoss Bone Graft

  Based on promising results in periodontology, in the late '90s, the researchers started to evaluate the potential of the guided bone regeneration technique (GBR) in the implantology field - to regenerate bone defects in the alveolar ridge. Today, there are well-established techniques in dentistry to augment lost tissue around teeth and dental implants respectively.It includes implants placed in combination with titanium mesh, barrier resorbable membranes, and the use of bone graft

DSI recently developed DSI RBM Premium Line Implant - a latest generation high level improved implants, which combine all the late researches and developments in the industry. DSI RBM Premium Line of implants is designed to improve and speed up the healing process and the growth of the tissues adjacent to the implant surface. Macroscopic and especially microscopic qualities of the implant surface play an important role in the implant adaptability. DSI RBM Premium Line has a spiral

DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is a modern generation collagen matrix membrane that has no equals in the dental industry. It is a natural acellular membrane matrix engineered from highly purified type Ι collagen that offers a safe alternative to autologous. DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ supports revascularization, fast soft tissue integration and is a valid alternative for the patient's own soft or connective tissue grafts. The simultaneous degradation of the matrix and the collagen production of

An essential part of the guided bone & tissue regeneration process, PTFE Non-resorbable membranes, made of microporous high-density polytetrafluoroethylene (dPTFE) material, are biologically inert and chemically non-reactive, which makes it an ideal choice for many applications in the oral environment. High-density PTFE is an evolution of the ePTFE material, which has a long history of success in dentistry. The improved design eliminates node expansion, so the membrane is impervious

    DSI Sil-Flow is a light-curing flowable temporary filling material. It is made for a temporary filling of the implant abutments but can be used as a sealing material for any small pit and cavity. DSI Sil-Flow has a great flowability and can be easily applied to dental cavities. DSI Sil-Flow formula has been refound. Thanks to that it is now excellent for sealing the margin. Also, it can be removed very easily at once and provide a strong masticatory force. Application: Implant

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The regulatory status of different devices in the DSI Dental Implant System is not the same in all regions.
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