Ball Attachments

op Ball Attachments ball_attachment Ball Attachments


An abutment that connects a detachable prosthesis to an implant and stabilizes it. The abutments are used with metal housing and silicon cap. Silicon caps are available in various degrees of retention.


* Regular Platform for Implants 3.5-6.0

* Narrow Platform for Implant 3.0 

   DSI Spherical Attachment   

SBA Ball Attachments

DSI Loc-In Straight Abutment RP / NP

Collar Height Regular Narrow
0.5 mm SBA05 SBA05-S
1.0 mm SBA1 SBA1-S
2.0 mm SBA2 SBA2-S
3.0 mm SBA3 SBA3-S
4.0 mm SBA4 SBA4-S
5.0 mm SBA5 SBA5-S
6.0 mm SBA6 SBA6-S
7.0 mm SBA7 SBA7-S
BA-Caps Ball Attachments
Retentive Insertion Caps and Parts
For Spherical Ball Attachment
Name Color Retention Code
Lab Cap Black 0 kg CN027
Strong Cap Grey 0.35 kg / 0.75 lbs CN004
Extra-soft Cap Yellow 0.5 kg / 1 lbs CN003
Soft Cap Pink 0.9 kg / 2 lbs CN001
Standard Cap Transparent 1.3 kg / 3 lbs CN002
Titanium Housing Metal   MH-BAT
Protective Disc White   DP
Universal Insertion & Extraction Tool
ball-attachment-tool Ball Attachments

DSI Loc-In Angular Abutment Angle 30°

Diameter Height  Ball Code
Ø 3.75 mm 15 mm Ø 2.5 mm SBA370
B.A-2 Ball Attachments

Ball Attachment Set

Ball-A.-Set Ball Attachments

DSI Spherical Ball Attachment Abutment Set Code

Collar Height Regular Narrow
0.5 mm PSBA05  PSBA05-S
1.0 mm PSBA10  PSBA10-S 
2.0 mm PSBA20  PSBA20-S 
3.0 mm PSBA30  PSBA30-S
4.0 mm PSBA40  PSBA40-S
5.0 mm PSBA50  PSBA50-S
6.0 mm PSBA60  PSBA60-S
7.0 mm PSBA70  PSBA70-S 
Comes as ready to use solution
including all the pieces that can 
be required during the
procedure: 1 Abutment,
1 Analog 4 Retentive 
Caps, Housing & Isolation Ring 
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