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ProphyAir Powder

ProphyAir Prophylaxis Powder

Prophy-Air ProphyAir Powder

The definition of prophylaxis is the prevention of disease. In DSI, we believe that procedures and cleaning routines that promote the oral health of teeth, gums, and mouth and preventing or stopping the progression of periodontal disease, can be enjoyable and fun. This new concept of well-being relies on providing appropriate and tailored care to make daily prophylaxis easier. DSI Prophy Air Prophylaxis Powder is used in dentistry with the air cleaning and polishing devices. Suggested for supragingival prophylaxis treatments. Economical packaging of 300g (35% more than average market volume) with 5 fantastic tastes to choose from - Cherry, Lemon, Mint, Wild Berry and Exotic Fruits.

Field of Use:
Effective plaque and stain removal

• Surface preparation for cementation or composite restoration
• Teeth polishing
• Suitable for cleaning before the caries detection or bleaching
• Pleasant aftertaste and no hypersensitivity due to the special formula.

 1Prophy-Air ProphyAir Powder



Prophy-Air-Powder ProphyAir Powder

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