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ProphyAir Powder

UniBlock-article Cosmetic Dentistry

DSI UniLite Block-Out Resin provides reservoir space, covers up individual bleaching tray and protects it from sanding process. Due to its unique formula, UniLite Block can fill up the voids that are have not been captured in the impression. It is used for laboratory procedures such as model and die repairs, blocking out undercuts on teeth impressions. UniLite Block Out Resin does not heat up during light cure, preventing discomfort and harm to the tissues.

Product Code
UniLite Block 2g Syringe UL-BLO1
UniLite Block 5x2g Pack UL-BLO


Possible uses:

• Single component material blocks out defects and undercuts on the model quickly, precisely and securely

• Simple application

• For creating reservoir space on bleaching trays

• Blocking out undercuts

• For laboratory mock-up and models

• Easy to remove



UniBlock-dsi Cosmetic Dentistry

Unilite_Endo Cosmetic Dentistry

DSI UniLite Endo 60% Carbamide Peroxide bleaching material in specially formulated whitening gel.
The main scope of using the DSI UniLite Endo is to whiten endodontically treated, discoloured teeth by "walk-in bleach" technique.

Once delivered to the pulp chamber,  DSI UniLite Endo is then sealed with temporary cement and left in the tooth for 3-5 days until the desired whitening effect is achieved.


Product Code

DSI UniLite Endo 1 syringe


DSI UniLite Endo 2 syringes


ProuctCodeUniLite Endo 1.5g Syringe

Possible uses:

• Teeth after root endo procedure.

• Internal tooth discolouration caused by the disease.

• Internal blood stains as a result of tooth injury.

• Teeth colour shift after medical treatment.



UniLite_Endo_Flyer Cosmetic Dentistry

unidam-barrier-resin Cosmetic Dentistry

DSI UniLite Dam is a light-cured resin barrier used to isolate and protect soft tissue with an impervious seal (dubbed "Light Curing Whitening Dam"). The DSI UniLite Dam resin material based on light curing technology and serves for the gingival protection purposes. It saves gums from any possible damage caused by bleaching agents during the tooth whitening process. Provides adequate flow-ability for ease of use, short irradiation time (15 seconds) and easy removal after the treatment. It applied directly, and easily removed after the treatment, giving you peace of mind without sacrificing efficiency or patient comfort.

Product Code
UniLite Dam 2g Syringe UL-DAM1
UniLite Dam 5x2g Pack UL-DAM



• Protects soft tissue with the impervious seal

• Viscous solution is easy to apply

• Deep-blue colour for easy oral-field visibility

• Light-reflective properties focus heat away from the teeth and gingiva for patient comfort

• Direct application



UniLite-Dam-Barrier Cosmetic Dentistry

VacuumFormingSheet Cosmetic Dentistry

DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets are made with dental use in mind. Easy to prepare, flex and trim, yet keeping the initial shape and withstand the masticatory forces for a long period, those high-quality thermoplastic plates are an ideal choice for your everyday practice. 

DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets come in two main types - soft tray and rigid splint.

The DSI Clear Rigid Retainer Splint holds the teeth in the position after surgery or any other realigning method, minimizing the risk of relapse after orthodontic treatment. Available in various thickness options, from 0.03" for an esthetically-pleasing result to 0.12" for nightguards or bruxism appliances. More flexible plastic provides additional strength. Average life: 18 months.

DSI Soft Whitening Tray - as the name suggests, is used for the bleaching trays and model duplication for case transferring. 


  • Clear material with maximum transparency.
  • Not made with natural latex / BPA.
  • Outstanding dimensional stability.
  • Easy to trim and form.
  • Excellent wear and impact resistance.
  • Precise results, maximum convenience
  • Resists to bubbling.
  • Vacuum sealed metal foil packaging for a maximum shelf-life



Product Code
DSI Clear Splint 0.75mm VFP030
DSI Clear Splint 1.0mm VFP040
DSI Clear Splint 2.0mm VT-20H
DSI Clear Splint 3.0mm VT-30H
DSI Soft Tray 1.0mm WP040
DSI Soft Tray 2.0mm WP080
DSI Soft Tray 3.0mm WP120


 DSIVACUUMFORM Cosmetic Dentistry

prophy-air Cosmetic Dentistry

DSI Prophy Air Prophylaxis Powder is used in dentistry with the air cleaning and polishing devices. Suggested for supragingival prophylaxis treatments.

Economical packaging of 300g (35% more than average market volume) with 5 fantastic tastes to choose from - Cherry, Lemon, Mint, Wild Berry and Exotic Fruits.

Field of Use:

• Effective plaque and stain removal

• Surface preparation for cementation or composite restoration

• Teeth polishing

• Suitable for cleaning before the caries detection or bleaching

• Pleasant aftertaste and no hypersensitivity due to the special formula.


Product Code

ProphyAir Cherry


ProphyAir Wild Berry


ProphyAir Exotic Fruits


ProphyAir Lemonade


ProphyAir Spearmint




Prophy-Air-Powder Cosmetic Dentistry

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