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ProphyAir Powder

DSI UniLite Block-Out Resin provides reservoir space, covers up individual bleaching tray and protects it from the sanding process. Due to its unique formula, UniLite Block can fill up the voids that are have not been captured in the impression. It is used for laboratory procedures such as model and dies repairs, blocking out undercuts on teeth impressions. UniLite Block Out Resin does not heat up during light cure, preventing discomfort and harm to the tissues. Possible uses:• Single

DSI UniLite Endo 60% Carbamide Peroxide bleaching material is specially formulated whitening gel. The main scope of using the DSI UniLite Endo is to whiten endodontically treated, discolored teeth by "walk-in bleach" technique. Once delivered to the pulp chamber, DSI UniLite Endo is then sealed with temporary cement and left in the tooth for 3-5 days until the desired whitening effect is achieved. Possible uses:• Teeth after root endo procedure.• Internal tooth discoloration caused

DSI UniLite Dam is a light-cured resin barrier used to isolate and protect soft tissue with an impervious seal (dubbed "Light Curing Whitening Dam"). The DSI UniLite Dam resin material based on light curing technology and serves for the gingival protection purposes. It saves gums from any possible damage caused by bleaching agents during the tooth whitening process. Provides adequate flow-ability for ease of use, short irradiation time (15 seconds) and easy removal after the treatment

DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets are made with dental use in mind. Easy to prepare, flex and trim, yet keeping the initial shape and withstand the masticatory forces for a long period, those high-quality thermoplastic plates are an ideal choice for your everyday practice. DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets come in two main types - soft tray and rigid splint. The DSI Clear Rigid Retainer Splint holds the teeth in the position after surgery or any other realigning method, minimizing the risk of relapse

The definition of prophylaxis is the prevention of disease. In DSI, we believe that procedures and cleaning routines that promote the oral health of teeth, gums, and mouth and preventing or stopping the progression of periodontal disease, can be enjoyable and fun. This new concept of well-being relies on providing appropriate and tailored care to make daily prophylaxis easier. DSI Prophy Air Prophylaxis Powder is used in dentistry with the air cleaning and polishing devices. Suggested

DSI Die Spacer Stumpflack Varnish is available in variable layer thicknesses. DSI Die Spacer Stumpflack Varnish does not chip. It is vapor-proof and scratch-resistant. The high-contrast color of the spacers makes it easier to apply the layer evenly. The fast-drying formula aids in the quick application of multiple coats. DSI Thinner - universal thinner for die varnishes. Restoration of the original consistency, fast and effective.     SUBMIT PURCHASE REQUEST  

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The regulatory status of different devices in the DSI Dental Implant System is not the same in all regions.
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