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Non-resorbable PTFE Membrane

Non-resorbable PTFE Membrane

PTFE-promo Non-resorbable PTFE Membrane

An essential part of the guided bone & tissue regeneration process, PTFE Non-resorbable membranes, made of microporous high-density polytetrafluoroethylene (dPTFE) material, are biologically inert and chemically non-reactive, which makes it an ideal choice for many applications in the oral environment. 

High-density PTFE is an evolution of the ePTFE material, which has a long history of success in dentistry. The improved design eliminates node expansion, so the membrane is impervious to bacteria while still allowing the passage of gases and small molecules. It could remain exposed in the mouth protecting the underlying defect and bone graft. Although made from a non-stick material, the membrane is quickly coated with plasmatic proteins upon implantation, facilitating cellular adhesion to the membrane surface and forming a hermetic seal. It resists the bacteria and epithelial cells migration over and under the membrane. Lack of tissue ingrowth makes the removal simple and non-traumatic. It could be even removed through a small incision using a flapless technique and without the additional surgery. 

The PTFE membrane is soft, flexible and easy to trim and shape. Great for ridge or socket preservation. Cellular attachment creates a seal around the edges of the exposed membrane and supports a primary closure in larger graft applications.

The membrane is also available with titanium reinforcement.

The increased stiffness allows use in defects where regeneration free space is required. The embedded titanium framework allows the membrane to be shaped and sculpted to fit any kind of defect without rebounding. Useful in large, non-space-making osseous defects.

Ti-reinforced PTFE has numerous advantages:

  • Thickness: 0.25 mm (titanium core thickness 0.07)
  • Convenient fixation with titanium screws or pins
  • Grade 5 titanium reinforcement, excellent frame function
  • Perfect flexibility, easy to fit. Can be trimmed (around the ti-core) to fit the defect
  • Barrier function: the structure of the microporous surface of PTFE prevents the spread of bacteria in the field of application
  • Reduced stratification: removed as one piece and not by layers.
  • Rounded blunt edges: do not cut through and does not damage the mucous tissues.


Product Code
dPTFE 20x25mm M PN2025
dPTFE 25x30mm L PN2530
dPTFE 30x40mm XL PN3040
Titanium PTFE 20x25mm M PM2025A
Titanium PTFE 25x30mm L PM2530A
Titanium PTFE 30x40mm XL PM3040A



PTFE-membrane Non-resorbable PTFE Membrane

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