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UniLite Crown

UniLite Crown Temporary C&B Material

UniLite-Crown UniLite Crown

DSI UniLite Crown is a temporary crown and bridge material. Based on multi-functional methacrylic esters formula, UniLite Crown is the ideal provisional material to fabricate temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays as well as long-term temporaries with great aesthetics.

DSI UniLite Crown and Bridge material offer excellent flexural strength and durability with minimal shrinkage and no excessive heat generation during the polymerization period. High final hardness and abrasive resistance prevent wearing down of temporary bridges. Exact VITA shades matching allows shape corrections using UniLite Flow composite resin.

UniLite Crown Automix syringe design reduces material waste compared to powder/liquid alternatives. No bulky delivery gun to load clean and take up space, less force needed to expel material, and 33% less waste per application due to smaller mix tip.


Excellent compressive and flexural strength 
Low polymerization shrinkage
Low exothermic polymerization reaction
Aesthetic result close to VITA shade
Low polymerization shrinkage
High compressive and flexural strength
Perfect appearance in any light and exceptional colour stability 
Easy polishing and finishing

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