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Long-term Clear Temp Cement

UniTempClear UniTemp Clear

Temporaries cemented with UniTemp simply won’t come off until you need them to. And when it’s time for removal, the temporary comes off easily, with minimal clean up of the preparation.

DSI UniTemp is a non-eugenol, automix temporary clear resin cement in a paste-paste format.

Versatile and easy to use, UniTemp Clear is the ideal choice for cementing provisional crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays - especially in high-aesthetic zones.


• Addition of resin adhesion and provides an excellent seal

• Easy clean up peels off the preparation margins in seconds

•  Unique properties make it bacteriostatic, reducing gingival plaque retention and inflammation in the sulcus

• No mess, no mixing pads – direct application into a provisional crown, bridge, inlay or onlay

•  Mixes automatically to give you a bubble-free, perfect 1:1 base:catalyst mixture – every time

•  Efficient 120-second working time and 60-90 second set time

•  Self-contained system and compact size make it the ideal and economical choice for dental practices with multiple operatories.



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