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DSI Rubber Dam

DSI Rubber Dam

DentalDam DSI Rubber Dam

DSI Natural Rubber Dam

Made from natural rubber latex, DSI Dental Dams are used within dentistry to isolate specific areas of the teeth and gums during procedures. They improve infection control, visibility and cleanliness of the working area and patient experience. The use in Dental Dam is now acknowledged as best practice for all types of dentistry around the world.


  • High-quality rubber dam sheet for absolute isolation.
  • Materials produced to FDA/CE standards by UK factory
  • Very low in powder
  • Very strong - does not tear during the procedures.
  • Smooth / no wrinkles.
  • Great resistance.
  • Shrink-wrapped for cleanliness
  • Biologically inactive.
  • Rigid cardboard box


Product Code
Dental Dam 5x5" 52pcs DD-DAM-5X5
Dental Dam 6x6" 36pcs DD-DAM-6X6



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