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Perio Sponge Chip

DSI Sponge Perio - For Periodontic Sockets

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Recent data shows that chronic periodontal disease is on the rise. The efficiency of chlorhexidine chips in reducing the number of periodontopathic bacteria has been demonstrated in clinical studies. Anti-microbial sponge Perio is easily placed in the periodontal pocket after root surface removal of damaged tissue. It contains 2.5 mg of chlorhexidine gluconate and no antibiotics. Sponge Perio biodegrades within the periodontal pocket releasing 40% of the chlorhexidine in the first 24 hours then it gradually releases the rest of the chlorhexidine in the next seven days. Over this period Sponge Perio not only eliminates 99% of subgingival bacteria in the infected pocket but also reaches the base of the pocket where the root surface debridement is less effective. It has been shown to be an effective and safe treatment for patients with adult periodontitis with a pocket depth equal to or greater than 5mm, when used with scaling and root planing. For best results, Sponge Perio should be placed every three months as part of a periodontal maintenance program that promotes good oral hygiene and root surface debridments. 

Sponge Perio is significantly more effective at reducing pocket depth compared to root surface debridement alone. A two-year study has shown that almost 60% of periodontal pockets were reduced to less or equal to 5 millimeters and more than half of them showed a significant reduction of 2 millimeters.

• Localized and sustained release of chlorhexidine gluconate.
• Suppresses the growth of bacteria in subgingival plaque.
• Minimal patient compliance required.
• Biodegrades after placement.
• Easy insertion.
• Non-Antibiotic

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