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Body-Try In Deluxe Edition

Universal Implant Drilling Depth Gauge
The tool is indicated to assist the clinician to measure the exact depth & angle of the osteotomy, during the drilling procedure, prior to implant placement.

The depth is indicated is by laser markings. In addition to the laser markings, the depth gauge comes with a silicone ring, to be placed at the bone level of the osteotomy. The kit holding the depth gauge consists of holes on the side that are indicated to measure the accurate depth.

Instructions For Use:

bodytryin2-full BTI Implant Drilling Depth Gauge

Place the silicon ring at around 4mm from the tip of the gauge.

Insert the gauge in the osteotomy, all the way to the end.

The silicon ring will move to the bone level and will allow you to see the exact depth of the osteotomy.

Place the tip of the indicator in the holes in. the kit, until you reach the length where the silicon ring touches the kit, this is the exact depth of the osteotomy.

Choose the right implant length, according to the depth measured.

bti-kit BTI Implant Drilling Depth Gauge

Product name: BDI Universal Gauge Deluxe Edition
Code: BTIP0001

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