tr?id=735770906937422&ev=PageView&noscript=1 Drilling Aid Kits
coated-stopper Drilling Aid Kits

Stop Drill Kit

30 Drills with Integrated Stopper

L 6-13mm | Dia 2.0-4.5mm

coated-stopper-step Drilling Aid Kits

Step&Stop Kit

Stepped DLC Drills with Stops

L 6-13mm | Dia 2.8-4.5mm

top-kit Drilling Aid Kits

TOP Drill Kit

TOP Drilling System

For immediate post-extraction placement

ik-kit Drilling Aid Kits

Initial Kit

This kit helps you staying sharp

All Most Used Drills in One Kit

one-drill Drilling Aid Kits

One Drill Kit

Innovating Drilling System

Unique and Less Invasive Approach

nlbc-kit Drilling Aid Kits



Nevel Loose Bone Collector

ipo-kit Drilling Aid Kits

Implant Positioner

IPO Implant Positioning Kit

Placing implants without a surgical guide

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