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DSI UltraSil Light Body

Ultrasil-Light-Body UltraSil Light Body

DSI UltraSil Light Body impression material is a new generation A-silicone VPS product that provides faster setting characteristics and significantly improved hydrophilicity.

It comprises of lightweight mousse evenness that stays precisely wherever you put it without collapsing once injected onto the occlusal surface.

Chemically designed to deliver remarkably complete and precise impressions every time you utilize it, regardless of what technique you use.

Ultrasil hydrophilic chemistry gives better result in wet oral environments and has a quick setting time of fewer than 3 minutes.

Exceptional flow characteristics under pressure for improved surface coverage. Extraordinary batch-to-batch consistency for expected results on every occasion.

Once set, it becomes very hard. Thus it captures and keeps wonderful detail without compressing or flexing throughout model mounting. Due to perfect elastic memory, the ready impression can be stored for 30 days without any problem.

DSI Ultrasil lightweight body impression material captures even the smallest details, authorizing you to make effective impressions the first time, every time.

It has a specially formulated viscosity based on the dental professional's feedbacks - flows deep into the sulcus for exceedingly visible margins, but stays on your preparation without slumping.

It comprises distinct reinforcing branched silicone resins for greater tear resistance thus impressions could be simply removed. And its elastic recovery ensures dimensional stability for many weeks, permitting you to pour at your convenience.


  • Hydrophilic and thixotropic.
  • Flows very easily without any bubbles.
  • Dimensionally stable with the elastic recovery.
  • Tear resistant.
  • Outstanding flow characteristics for excellent surface coverage.
  • Superior precision and hi-resolution detail reproduction.
  • Dual port cartridge stops clogs and cross-contamination between base and catalyst.
  • Hygienic and direct dispensing from the dispenser gun. 


  • Suited to the double mix impression technique.
  • Crown and bridge impressions.
  • Inlay and implant restorations.
  • Removable Dentures.
  • Any time you need the highest definition impression copy with the maximum detail.


Impression Light Body UltraSil VPS
Product Code
UltraSil Light Body, 2 x Cartridge 50 ml US-LB50



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