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3D Print Settings

dsi-3d-resin-bottles 3D Print Settings


DSI Dental Printing Materials line, provide excellent printing quality and ultra-fine detail combined with excellent final performance properties, such as toughness, hardness, durability and superior dimensional stability. DSI 3D Resin's Biocompatibility, no resin odour, and outstanding colour stability are also important benefits of this product. DSI 3D printing technologies encourage and drive innovations, granting the users with unique design freedom. These processes are tool-less, excessively cutting the costs and lead times. By using DSI biocompatible 3D-printing materials, a wide range of durable and effective custom components and dental structures can be designed. The dentistry is constantly evolving, and with recent developments in the digital dentistry and 3d printing, the boundaries are pushed again. Using a scanner, dental modelling software and an LCD 3d printer, the doctor can get ahold of precisely fabricated oral appliances, including:

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Any setup of a 3D printer must follow a certain technique, which is based on the testing model. In our practice, we use two testing models to set up the printing parameters.

The first one - a simple quick-print model is needed for fast setup and the second one for fine-tuning.

Settings for the popular 3D Printer models:

General Settings Explained

asiga 3D Print SettingsAsiga MAX


elegoo 3D Print SettingsElegoo Mars

Elegoo Mars Pro


anet 3D Print SettingsAnet N4


kelant 3D Print SettingsKelant S400


monoprice 3D Print SettingsMonoPrice MP Mini SLA


miicraft 3D Print SettingsMiicraft 125


peopoly 3D Print SettingsPeopoly Phenom


longer 3D Print SettingsLonger Orange 30


epax 3D Print SettingsEpax X156

Epax X10

Epax X133

Epax X1


anycubic 3D Print SettingsAnycubic Photon

Anycubic Photon S


zortrax 3D Print SettingsZortrax Inkspire


flashforge 3D Print SettingsFlashforge Hunter


sparkmaker 3D Print SettingsSparkMaker

SparkMaker FHD


phrozen 3D Print SettingsPhrozen Shuffle

Phrozen Shuffle 4k

Phrozen Shuffle 2018

Phrozen Shuffle 2019

Phrozen Shuffle XL 2018

Phrozen Shuffle XL 2019

Phrozen Shuffle Light

Phrozen Shuffle Sonic

Phrozen Transform


wanhao 3D Print SettingsWanhao D7 (v1.3)

Wanhao D7 (v1.4-1.5)

Wanhao D8

Wanhao GR1


uniz 3D Print SettingsUniz Slash2 

Uniz Slash Plus 

Uniz Slash

Uniz Slash Pro 

Uniz Slash DJ2 

Uniz Slash zSLTV-15 

Uniz Slash zSLTV-23 


tronxy 3D Print SettingsTronxy Ultrabot


prusa 3D Print SettingsPrusa SL1


xayav 3D Print SettingsXayav Model V



Used for:
Temporary Crown & Bridges
Models for direct investment casting
High-resolution Surgical Guides
Orthodontic Clear Aligners
Splints and Night Guards
Indirect Bonding Trays for Brackets
The study, Lab and Demonstration Models
Removable Denture Prosthesis
Models for Vacuum Thermoforming 
Flexible Gingival Masks
Custom Impression Trays and "Try-in" Devices

Benefits of DSI 3D Print Resins:
Durable, non-shrinking and odourless.
Specifically designed for medical use.
Safe, biocompatible and precise.
Resistant to decay and can withstand high temperatures.
Non-irritant, hard, but with a certain degree of elasticity.
Castable resin is ashless and ultra-precise.
Non-shrinking with high dimensional stability.
Leak-proof packaging.
New production facility with modern equipment.
Input and output quality control.
Only well-known raw chemical suppliers (Evonic, Basf, Allnex).
Fast and cost-effective solutions for the lab&clinic.

DS3D Basic - Everyday lab designs, Manufacturing Parts, models, custom Shapes.
DS3D Lab Models - Prototyping, Lab Models, Mechanical Assembly.
DS3D Cast - Fabrication of high precision objects using casting technology.
DS3D Guide - Surgical and Drilling Guides, Occlusal and Fixation Splints.
DS3D Tray - Aligners, Mouthguards, Splints, Custom impression trays, and Bracket positioners.
DS3D Crown & Bridge - Provisional Crowns & Bridges, anterior and posterior tooth restorations.
DS3D Master - Master, working and situation models, Functional Prototypes, Thermoforming Models.
DS3D Gingiva - Flexible gingival masks for dentures and 3d models.
DS3D Art Glow - Manufacturing Parts, Functional Prototype, Gifts, and Souveniers.

 3D-Resin 3D Print Settings


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