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DSI Zoer Cement incorporates a reinforcing polymer included in the Zinc Oxide Eugenol powder.

This provides the cement the strength to battle condensation forces as well as guarantee adequate life when used as a temporary filling.

By including the reinforcing agent within the powder rather than the liquid, the mixing properties are enhanced. Though the cement is reinforced, it could be easily removed when utilized in a temporary restoration.

This makes it a first-choice material in a wide range of procedures- from temporary pulp lining to the final implant abutment crown fixation.

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DSI ReMTA (Mineral Trioxide mixture) is a root restoration material for defects correction and retrograde filling.

DSI ReMTA is an enduring bioactive cement used for pulp capping and root end reversing fillings; a hydraulic bio-ceramic material for repair and very vital to pulp therapy.

DSI ReMTA dental material is very valuable in the retrograde filling, for filling the upper top segment of the canal, for closing perforations from the root canal, for pulp isolation.

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Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) represent a major breakthrough in dentistry, dramatically simplifying treatment of many orthodontic cases. 

They offer easy and minimally invasive insertion and removal afterwards, an innovative approach without the need to rely on patients’ compliance, minimize the number of oral surgeries necessary, increase the types of orthodontic issues possible to treat. 

DSI Zygomatic Micro Implant TAD IZC is an ultimate solution for...


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DSI Barrier Membranes 

As of today, it is a well-known fact that barrier membranes improve bone regeneration around implants. There are two types of barrier membranes that serve in the realms of GTR (Guided Tissue Regeneration) and GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration) procedures.

Resorbable membranes, either collagen (Type I, II or III) or synthetic (Aliphatic Polyesters) which are bio-compatible and are metabolized by hydrolysis or enzymatic activity over the course of time.

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Modern-day implants have become the best solution for missing teeth as of today.
To successfully place a dental implant, the patient must present with a healthy alveolar ridge,
that can house the titanium dental fixture, serving as the base foundation for the crown to come.

In many cases, patients show inadequate dental ridge dimensions or defects,
preventing the placement of a dental implant.
A horizontal or vertical bone deficiency can lead to major clinical complications and are necessary to mend before implant placement...

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For about two decades now, implant-based solutions have become the preferred, and life-changing medical procedure of dealing with missing teeth.
Regardless of the fact that Implants enjoy from a long-term success rate of 95%, osseointegrated dental implants may still be in harm way of an infection, that in many cases will lead to implant failure.

Peri-Implantitis is an assortment of diseases creating inflammatory conditions, affecting the soft (Gingiva) and hard (Bone) tissues around dental implants, causing bone deterioration around the implant, resulting in an insufficient tissue to hold the implant in place.

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The core idea underlying RBM surface treatment is to generate a rougher surface.

Rougher surface increases the overall surface area of the implant, allowing for a more sufficient
bone to implant cohesion and retention characteristics, thus increasing the osseointegration of the implant.

RBM treatment process is achieved by “high-speed particle blasting”, using suitable & resorbable hardened Beta-TriCalcium Phosphate particles...


SLA is the leading and most popular surface treatment for implants up to date

SLA – Stands for Sand blast, Large grit, Acid-etch. A surface treatment that sets to Improve the implants properties, yet to keep its rudimentary qualities intact.

It has been found, that the key parameter in osseointegration of the implant, it’s the implants surface quality. With enhanced Implant surface, we achieve accelerated osseointegration, that translates into stability and reduced chair time.

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Suturing is the final step of surgery. Properly performed wound closure is essential for the successful outcome of an operation. Suturing is used to reapproximate the tissue until the wound has healed sufficiently to prevent reopening.
This important function allows healing by primary intention, promotes hemostasis, significantly decreases chances of postoperative infection, prevents unnecessary bone resorption. It is of crucial importance to select the appropriate type and size of suture for a specific situation. A variety of surgical threads have been developed...


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Complexity is nothing more than a multiplicity of simplicity

Dentistry has come a long way in achieving optimal function and aesthetics with implant-based restorations. Although not all cases are simple to treat and some require a special approach.


What makes certain cases more complex, than some easier?

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DSI Sil-Flow - light-curing flowable temporary filling material based on silicone matrix.

The primary objective of DSI Sil-Flow is to serve as an implant abutment sealing, but it can also be used as a filling material for any small pit or cavity.

This unique, innovative material has been specifically designed to create a hermetic seal without using additional cumbersome and ineffective methods.

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DSI ApexFile  - Universal Endodontic Rotary File System

The success of endodontic treatment depends almost exclusively on how well the root canal is shaped and cleaned. The shaping process removes the restrictive dentin, pulp tissue, necrotic debris, bacteria, and their endotoxins, opening up the root canal system for the irrigant solutions. This allows for thorough and extended cleaning. Improper shaping and, in turn, cleaning, can result in peripheral infection, compromising the outcome of endodontic therapy.

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Root Canal Sealing Techniques with ApexSeal

Nothing feels or functions like natural teeth. Thanks to advances in endodontic treatment and technology in numerous extractions cases can be avoided and many teeth can be saved. Endodontically treated teeth serve patients years after the procedure, improving their quality of life. The outcome of root canal therapy depends on proper canal shaping, effective cleaning, and obturation of the canal space. Execution of the final phase is the cornerstone of successful root canal treatment. Obturation is critical for preventing the reinfection of the canal and preserving the health of the periapical tissues.

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<GBR Technique Using Zenoss+ Liquid Xenograft 


Bone is a dynamic tissue in the human body, where many factors are responsible for its homeostasis.
There is a plethora of such factors including:

Age, Hormones, Physical Stimuli (Lack of teeth), Nutrition, Genetics, Trauma, Et cetera….

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The DSI company has chosen the mission to boost the quality of life of the patients by creating the highest quality, reliable products, carefully thought-out down to the last detail. DSI Orange Line offers a beneficial combination of uncompromising quality and advanced design, including all new trends: Strong&Solid Morse Taper Conical-Hex NobelActive® Compatible Connection, Anatomic Tapered Body Core & Back Tapered Coronal Shape, Narrow Core Apex Reverse Cutting Double Divergent Threads, Helical Apico-coronal Slots Bone Condensing Lower Zone with Directional Change Ability.


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Implant-supported overdentures give a good chance for dentists to increase oral health and quality-of-life of patients. Atrophic mandible poses an important challenge to successful oral rehabilitation with dental implants.

The fabrication of lower overdenture by two narrow platform implants is described with double retentive, robust, DSI Lock attachment system. This attachment structure offers the lowest profile in contrast to the ball and cap attachments and still provides the strong retention and long life-span, being able to compensate up to 15° of divergence between two implants (up to 45° in angled versions). By using hybrid sphere-lock attachments, we are able to reap many benefits,

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Implant overdenture is regarded as a secure and very effective treatment for patients who need full-arch rehabilitation. Though, implants ideally ought to be as parallel as it can; patients are frequently presented with alveolar bone volumes requiring implant placement in non-ideal positions. The traditional overdenture attachment systems allow a reasonable amount of angle correction. The fabrication of lower overdenture by two narrow platform implants is described with the dual retentive, resilient, self-locating Loc-In abutment attachment structure. This type of overdenture attachment arrangement offers the lower profile in contrast to the ball and bar attachments which is very flexible to up to 37° of divergence between two implants. By using Loc-In abutment as attachments, we can easily meet a purposeful, economic, and social expectation of patients easily and with fulfilment...

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How often do you get to perform a bone graft procedure? Well, it is quite reasonable that when embarking on dental implants that may involve bone grafting, that the use of guided tissue regeneration (GTR), which involves using barrier membrane in preventing epithelium, is given prominent consideration. This is because epithelium usually regenerates much more quickly than a bone material would, and in an area in which it is not desired.

So, bone grafting through the support of guided bone regeneration refers to the use of barrier membrane to direct the growth of newly formed bone and gingival tissue...

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The DSI Multi-Unit Premium Abutments were designed to serve the purpose of connecting endosseous dental implants and multiple implant screw-retained restorations. They are widely used by most dentists, especially on the standard All-on-4 or All-On-6 treatments, because the DSI Multi-Unit Abutments were designed to provide edentulous and partially edentulous patients with a full-arch prosthesis. More so, because, many physicians regard the screw-retained restorations as some of the most secure and easier options in maintaining a prosthetic. The DSI Multi-Unit Abutments are to be screwed directly on the implant, with a wide range of screw-retained suprastructures available...

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When it comes to the repair or closure of wounds of the skin, sutures (or stitching), the use of skin closure tapes, surgical staples, and adhesives agents are the most renowned methods. Sutures, however, has gained much prominence with most surgeons and other medical health personnel because, apart from being the most common method, they can be used to close any wound, whether internally or externally.
Types of Sutures:
There are two general categorizations in which sutures are classified, absorbable and non-absorbable. Sutures can also be classified as monofilament or multifilament. A suture is said to be monofilament when it is made of a single strand and multifilament when...

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Here we present to you one of our rotary instruments that are trusted by many dentists in restoring or extracting a tooth. It is the DSI diamond dental burs. If you are a dentist, you would out looking for rotary instruments that will aid you in preparing tissues for surgeries. Such an instrument should be able to remove old fillings, polish and tear the hard tissue. And like others who have reaped the benefits that using DSI diamond burs had afforded them, you could also join the number and see how it ease your work.

 DSI Diamond 2018 Catalogue

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