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What's a Temporary Filling and Why You Need One?

Temporary Fillings help to restore teeth dented by decay back to their standard function, and will truly avert further decay. Your dentist will ponder on several factors when selecting which type of filling material is perfect for you. These factors include the extent of the repair, where in your mouth the filling should be used and the cost.

There are numerous reasons why a dentist may place a momentary dental filling. Maybe you've just got a root canal, or it could be you're expecting a gold filling or crown to be made for a problematic tooth. Whatsoever the reason, when you have such a dental filling, you are probably wondering what you can and can't do until your tooth is to be permanently fixed.

Given that the filling is temporary, it appears to be pretty obvious there’s need to come more easily as compared to a regular filling. How do you make sure it stays put until the next time you visit the dentist?


Care of Your Temporary Filling:

If you're convinced that your temporary dental filling might come out more easily when compared to a permanent one, you are on track. In order for this temporary filling to last long more than the time your dentist projected it to, you'll have to give it special care.


Be cautious of Unusual Sensations

As soon as the anesthesia wears off from the filling, be certain not to bite or manipulate that region of the mouth. It's possible to get numb, which makes it cool for you to hurt the medial side of the mouth or tongue accidentally.

When the anesthesia actually starts to wear off, you could feel a painful tingling sensation; it will lessen as the medication continues to get its way out of your body. Be cautious, if you wish to drink any hot liquids. You mightn't have been able to feel how hot the beverage is and might burn your mouth.


Be Careful When Chewing

Though your dentist could give you orders which are exact to your particular filing, here are some generalizations you can put in mind likewise.

Try to chew only on the medial side of the mouth that doesn't contain the temporary filling. Though, this mightn't difficult to memorize. You might find yourself forgetting and chewing on that side of course. Careful and gentle chewing will most likely be reasonable.

In many cases, your dentist might let you know to avoid chewing using the side of your mouth for 24 hours when you have a silver filling on. For white fillings, you may chew as soon as the numbness wears off.

Try to enjoy only soft foods if you have fillings on both sides of the mouth. In general, stay away from foods which might be hard and crunchy like nuts. Toffee and chewing gum should also be avoided whenever possible.


Take Care When Brushing and Flossing

Another specific area of concern whenever you have a temporary filling is how to look after it properly. Be assured that caring your filling is similar to brushing and flossing your other teeth.

Select a toothbrush which includes soft or extra-soft bristles. Using a gentle touch, clear your teeth, for example, the one with all the filling.

Flossing with a temporary filling is usually a bit complicated though. A filling that extends, close to the edge of one's tooth needs to become treated with care once you floss.

Rather than pulling the floss up among your teeth, once you're ready to move to the next, lightly pull it out to the side of the tooth instead. This removes the possibility of the floss catching on the edge in the filling and pulling it against the mouth area.


What's a Temporary Filling and Why You Need One?

Temporary fillings are widely-used under the following situations:

1. For fillings that need more than one appointment - for instance, before placements of gold fillings as well as for specific filling procedures (called indirect fillings) intended to use composite materials

2. Following a root canal preparation

3. To allow a tooth's nerve to "settle down" should the pulp became peeved

4. If emergency dental treatment should be used (for example to address a toothache.

Temporary fillings are simply just that; it isn't meant to last. They usually fallout totally, fracture or degrade within 30 days. 

Be sure to get hold of your dentist to get your temporary filling replaced with a permanent one. If you don't, your tooth could become infected, or you could have other complications.


DSI Temp

is ready to use the temporary filling material on a zinc oxide base. Satisfactory strength yet easily removed. Good adhesion to dentine and excellent marginal adaptation.

This hydrophilic material is cured with oral cavity moisture within 2-3 hours. DSI Temp is expanding and hardening as well, which offers excellent and tight marginal seal. It has a Pleasant citron taste to comfort the individual.

üDSI Temp is used in filling temporary restorative material using a zinc oxide base.

üDSI Temp features a good tensile strength however it can be removed easily if needed to.

üDSI Temp is undoubtedly an exceptional material due to the good adhesion to dentine and excellent marginal adaptation.

üDSI Temp is usually a hydrophilic material which is cured with oral cavity moisture for 2-3 hours.



Outstanding strength 

Hydrophilic expanding material 

Decent wear and erosion resistance 

Prepared to use 

Superb biocompatibility 



Exceptional stability when set

Hermetically sealed the opening

Impervious to medications

To lessen chair time

Doesn't aggravate oral tissues


Use for

• For momentary filling of cavities

• Short-term seal for medicaments

• Overhaul of lost fillings

• Restoration of milk teeth (all cavities)

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