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DSI Multi Unit Systems

The DSI Multi-Unit Abutments were designed to serve the purpose of connecting endosseous dental implants and multiple implant screw-retained restorations. They are widely used by most dentists, especially on the standard All-on-4 or All-On-6 treatments, because the DSI Multi-Unit Abutments were designed to provide edentulous and partially edentulous patients with a full-arch prosthesis. More so, because, many physicians regard the screw-retained restorations as some of the most secure and easier options in maintaining a prosthetic. The DSI Multi-Unit Abutments enable the screw-retained restorations to be screwed directly on the implant, with a wide range of screw-retained suprastructures available giving more than one ways to proffering solution to the patient’s dental trouble.

One unique attribute of the DSI Multi-Unit Abutments is that they were designed to ease the work of the dentist as well as provide optimal soft tissue contouring to enhance the patient’s smile.  

So, when flexibility in prosthetic reconstruction is desired, you can trust our Multi-Unit Abutments because they give room for flexibility and facilitate parallelization. They come with a pre-mounted holder for easy handling and offer greater benefits when the reconstruction is accomplished using the All-On-4/6 treatment concept.

It is worthy to note that our premium line provides you with a full and ready to use solution to each case by including all the necessary tools and abutments to make the restoration - from the beginning to the end - a more pleasant experience. Additionally, the DSI straight and angulated premium systems parts are 100% mutually compatible so the parts can be used together.

Features of DSI of the Multi-unit Abutments Systems

  • They come in a wide range of height to provide the best solution to a wide range of clinical indications
  • With pre-mounted holder for easy handling at angulated multi-units
  • The snap functionality can substantially be reduced the time needed for creation provisional
  • They come in both straight and angled variants to serve different tissues anatomies
  • Mostly preferred for multiple implant cases requiring correction before a screw-retained prosthetic solution
  • The angled abutment comes in two variants of 17° and 30°
  • Premium kits with all the necessary tools and parts included for fast and cost-effective restorations
  • "One-fit-all" principle - Straight and angulated suprastructures and parts fit each other abutments

Benefits of DSI Multi-unit Abutments

  • Provide the dentist with ease of use
  • Less bone grafting is required when they are used
  • Extremely durable
  • They offer the patient quicker and more aesthetic results
  • Due to special shape provides fast recovery and improved soft tissue healing
  • Offer high convenience and save cost
  • High level of restorative flexibility
  • Offer an optimal soft tissue contouring


So when next you are scheduled to perform a prosthetic reconstruction procedure, you don't have to look far because you have got the DSI Multi-Unit abutment system that you could trust to give you the result you seek.





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