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Zenoss Matrix Membrane

9-1Zenoss Zenoss Matrix Membrane
DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is a modern generation collagen matrix membrane that has no equals in the dental industry. It is a natural acellular membrane matrix engineered from highly purified type Ι collagen that offers a safe alternative to autologous. DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ supports revascularization, fast soft tissue integration and is a valid alternative for the patient's own soft or connective tissue grafts. The simultaneous degradation of the matrix and the collagen production of adhering fibroblasts lead to the complete substitution of DSI Zenoss by the newly formed host tissue. This matrix membrane is not antigenic, highly biocompatible, preventing proliferation and migration of the epithelium, creating optimal conditions for guided bone regeneration. Due to its excellent hydrophilicity, Zenoss Bio Plus Matrix will moisten rapidly which allows tissue adherence as a prerequisite for favorable wound healing. It will hold the blood clot without structural changes. Zenoss Bio+ Matrix could be easily adjusted to precisely fit the form of a defect. Also available in a ready-to-use circular plug shape for the fast seal of the extraction socket. The material is completely resorbed within 24 weeks without fibrous degeneration.

A natural collagen matrix. 

• Rapid rehydration. 
• Easy handling, application, and fixation.
• Complete remodeling into the patient's own tissue within 3-6 months
• Soft tissue graft without the need for autograft harvesting.
• Longer resorption time, for sustained function in bone repair.
• Higher mechanical strength for membrane stabilization. 
• Each piece can be easily trimmed during surgery for a final fit.
• May be placed with either side against the tissue or bone.

Can Be Used For:
Ridge augmentation 

• Extraction sites.
• Restoration of congenital and acquired defects of bone and soft tissues. 
• Sinus-lifting.
• Cystectomy.
• Periodontitis (minimally invasive methods of treatment and reconstructive surgery)
• Resection of the root apex. 


9-2Zenoss Zenoss Matrix Membrane

9Zenoss Zenoss Matrix Membrane



zenoss-biomatrix Zenoss Matrix Membrane

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