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DSI Temp

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DSI Temp is ready to use temporary filling material on a zinc oxide base. Adequate strength yet easily removed. Good adhesion to dentine and excellent marginal adaptation.
This hydrophilic material is cured with oral cavity moisture during 2-3 hours. DSI Temp is expanding and hardening at the same time, which provides excellent and tight marginal seal. 
Pleasant citron taste.

DSI Temp Cavity Filling

Package Contents Code
40 g jar with ready-to-use material DSTMP
Features Benefits
Exceptional strength Excellent stability when set
Hydrophilic expanding material Hermetically seales the cavity
Good wear and erosion resistance Impermeable to medications
Ready to use To reduce chair time
Excellent biocompatibility Doesn't irritate oral tissues

Product indications

·         For temporary filling of cavities
·         Temporary seal for medicaments
·         Repair of lost fillings
·         Restoration of milk teeth (all cavities)
     Package contents: 40g jar with ready-to-use material


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