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DSI Sponge Plus+

dsisponge DSI Sponge Plus+ dsi-sponge-plus DSI Sponge Plus+
DSI Sponge Plus is manufactured from highly purified first extract grade collagen material.
It is a ready-to-use collagen freeze-dried sponges with a mix of hemostatic & antiseptic components: iodoform, eugenol, thymol, and lidocaine.
DSI Sponge Plus contains iodoform and works as an antiseptic sponge, that allocates iodine when got in a contact with living tissues, providing antimicrobial action, has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, and enables the formation of granulation tissue.
DSI Sponge Plus does not have any irritating or a bio-toxic action. Stimulates the regeneration of the tissues in the healing stage. It can be removed with ease and do not require any interference. It is fully absorbed in a few weeks.
DSI Sponge Plus absorbs approximately 40 times its weight of liquid and adheres easily to the bleeding site. Does not provoke an immune reaction, and 100% biocompatible.
These disinfecting sponges are soaked in a iodine with additions of eugenol and lidocaine and then freeze-dried.DSI Sponge Plus has a porous structure which activates the thrombocytes at the moment when blood comes in contact with the matrix of the DSI Sponge. The thrombocytes have an immediate response reaction which stimulates their aggregation. They begin to act as a catalyst and change the surface character, for the formation of a new fibrin. DSI Sponge Plus used in dentistry for wound dressing for instance after dental surgeries, tooth extractions, and canal preparations.
DSI Sponge Plus has a triple action: it stops the blood flow, reducing the pain and discomfort and disinfecting the wound at the same time.
DSI Sponge Plus is devoted not only to stop the bleeding, but it is also considered to act as a disinfecting agent and can engage the contamination to clean the wound. As same as the non-iodoform sponge, it has the same characteristics and completely absorbs within 3-4weeks.
The product comes as 50 ready-to-use rectangular sponges in a pre-sterilized jar, each piece intended for single use only.

Implant Cement

Size Pcs Code
Non-Sterile Cubes In A Jar 50 pcs DSP-50GL
Features Benefits
Absorbed biologically within 3-4 weeks  No side effects, aids the healing process
Seals up the bleeding tissues immediately Prevents blood loss and hemorrhage
Perfectly sized for use in dentistry Reduces chair time
Saturated with triple action solution Stops bleeding, disinfect and soothes 
Excellent bio-compatibility Made from purified first grade gelatin

Product indications

  • On operating tissues - controls oozing and seal up the bleeding tissues immediately.
  • Dento-alveolar surgery and extraction of teeth in patients with risk of hemorrhage.
  • Regeneration of mucosal tissues removal of mandibular cysts.
  • Maxillo-facial surgery.
     Package contents: 50pcs ready-to-use rectangular sponges in sterilized jar packaging


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