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DSI Surgical Burs

Surgical Burs

Carbide DSI Surgical Burs

DSI Surgical Carbide Burs are made from the highest quality, fine grade tungsten carbide, using the unique method of construction. The superior quality of these burs is achieved by advanced manufacturing techniques using the very latest equipment and backed by a series of strict inspections and control procedures throughout the process. 


DSI Zekrya

Zekrya DSI Surgical Burs

The DSI Zekrya Carbide FG Surgical Bone Cutter has a cutting tip and 6 helical tungsten-carbide spiral blades, that cut cleanly while lifting debris coronally along its flutes making DSI Zekrya ideal for sectioning an impacted wisdom tooth prior to its extraction, separating and removing roots.


Endo-Z DSI Surgical Burs

DSI Zekrya Endo-Z version is the tapered configuration, which allows easy access to the canal orifices and funnels shaping of the chamber walls. The non-cutting tip helps to prevent damage to the chamber floor or walls.


DSI Transmetal


Transmetal-Bur DSI Surgical Burs

DSI Transmetal Bur is a carbide bur for the precise reduction of all dental materials such as amalgam, porcelain, metal, and tooth structure. Its extra-fine crosscut shape is designed to remove an old amalgam filling or to cut through porcelain fused to metal crowns without shattering the porcelain or damaging the bur. No grabbing, stalling or breaking while cutting through amalgam or metals. 


Barracuda DSI Surgical Burs

DSI Barracuda has more aggressive shape and larger head, built for rotation on very high capacity speeds. Sharp blade geometry and multiple crosscuts provide the ideal combination for crown removal and endodontic access, making this bur an ultimate grinding machine.

Burs – Tungsten Carbide Surgical

Name  Head Head, mm Length, mm   Code
DSI Zekrya 23 Ø 1.6 mm 11.0 mm 23.0 mm FGZK23 DSI Surgical Burs FGZK23
DSI Zekrya 28 Ø 1.6 mm 11.0 mm 28.0 mm FGZK28 DSI Surgical Burs FGZK28
DSI Endo-Z Ø 1.6 mm 9.0 mm 25.0 mm FGEZ25 DSI Surgical Burs  FGEZ25
DSI Transmetal 10 Ø 1.0 mm 3.0 mm 19.0 mm FG1957 DSI Surgical Burs  FG1957
DSI Transmetal 12 Ø 1.2 mm 3.0 mm 19.0 mm FG1957 DSI Surgical Burs  FG1958
DSI Barracuda Ø 2.3 mm 5.0 mm 22.0 mm FG856-023 DSI Surgical Burs  FG856-023

All DSI TC burs are solid carbide, One-Piece Construction. Their concentric one-piece design eliminates brazed joint breakage, as well as chatter and vibration. These highly concentric burs result in faster, smoother and more precise cuts.


Carbide-Round DSI Surgical Burs

DSI produces the best carbide burs, with high-hardness, high-purity, and high-wearability. The tungsten carbide material we use is the next hardest known material on the planet, after diamonds. For each procedure, we are equipped with high-precision production devices, such as high-precision grinding machine, fully automatic welding machine, etc Apart from these, we purchased the latest 6-axis CNC machines from Swiss (the same machines we use to make the precise implants and prosthetics). We also use full-series patented dental burs production software, to ensure the quality of our products. With outstanding high-sharpness, high-concentricity, and high-precision. The carbide burs we produce are compatible with all varieties of hand-pieces.

DSI Round Shape is useful for opening and shaping cavity preparations. Can be used for root canal access, caries tooth decay, and soft tissue removal.

Burs – Carbide Round

Head Length, mm   Code
Ø 0.8 mm 19.0 mm FG DSI Surgical Burs FG1
Ø 1.0 mm 19.0 mm FG2 DSI Surgical Burs FG2
Ø 1.2 mm 19.0 mm FG3 DSI Surgical Burs FG3
Ø 1.4 mm 19.0 mm FG4 DSI Surgical Burs FG4
Ø 1.6 mm 19.0 mm FG5 DSI Surgical Burs FG5 


DSI Pear shape burs offer excellent multipurpose cutting capabilities for restoration removal, cavity preparation, and endodontic Ø 0.8 mm access.

Burs – Carbide Pear

Head Length, mm   Code
Ø 0.9 mm 21.0 mm FG245 DSI Surgical Burs FG245
Ø 0.8 mm 19.0 mm FG330 DSI Surgical Burs FG330
Ø 1.0 mm 19.0 mm FG331 DSI Surgical Burs FG331
Ø 1.2 mm 21.0 mm FG332 DSI Surgical Burs FG332


DSI Cross Cut Fissure has an exceptional metal cutting performance. A unique blade geometry designed for optimum Ø 1.0 mm endurance and efficiency.

Burs – Cross Cut Fissure

Head Length, mm   Code
Ø 0.8 mm 21.0 mm FG556 DSI Surgical Burs FG556
Ø 1.0 mm 21.0 mm FG557 DSI Surgical Burs FG557


DSI Six Blades Creates a straight side surface with smooth rounded corners. Also, very useful for opening and shaping cavity preparations, root canal access, caries and soft tissue removal.

Burs – Carbide Pear

Head Length, mm   Code
Ø 0.9 mm 20.0 mm FG1156 DSI Surgical Burs FG1156
Ø 1.0 mm 22.0 mm FG1157 DSI Surgical Burs FG1157
Ø 1.2 mm 22.0 mm FG1558 DSI Surgical Burs FG1158



dsi-carbide-burs DSI Surgical Burs

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