CalPaste LC

Calpaste-LC-Cement-Liner CalPaste LC

DSI CalPaste LC is a light-cured radio-opaque calcium hydroxide mixture effective in pulp capping and as a protective base/liner underneath dental filling materials, cement, and other base materials.

CalPaste LC is a radiopaque calcium hydroxide cement liner. With a setting baseline and pulp capping agent to guard the pulp and scale back the chemical and thermal sensitivity by covering the dentine tubule. It is in a light-weight cured format. Has time-saving property, direct application, and lightweight hardening.

 CalPaste LC

Product Code
Paste, 2 syringes x 1.5 ml (4 g) CAL PASTE LC


• Useful for indirect pulp capping.

• Acid protection when applying to etch technique.

• Used as a cavity liner underneath all filling materials.



• CalPaste LC comprises of hydroxyl orthophosphate infused into polymer-linked Resin with radio-opaque addition and photopolymerization reduction. With enhanced radio ability and antimicrobial impact.

• Chemically bonds to different adhesive primers, composites, and alternative resin primarily based materials.

• Micromechanically bonds to dentin.

• Offers low solubility, stress-free handling with unlimited manipulation time, and short hardening time with relatively high stability afterward.



• Can be used as one part material.

• Highly resistant to acid.

• Efficient protection of the pulp.

• Assists in secondary dentin formation.

• Exceptional adhesion to composites.

• High compressive strength.

• Low solubility in oral fluids.

• Longer release of calcium hydroxide facilitates secondary dentine.

• Exceptional biocompatibility with no cytotoxic effects on cells.

• Simple handling and straightforward direct application.


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