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DSI Diamond Paste

Diamond DSI Diamond Paste

DSI Diamond Polishing Paste restores ground porcelain and composite into a high polish within a few minutes. A range of 2 superbly controlled grades of DSI Diamond Paste efficiently reach the ultimate in surface polish. Mint flavor. DSI Diamond Paste is known to be an exceptionally designed, extra-fine grit sticky stuff with very even, splatter-resistant reliability for simplicity.  It is perfect for the treatment of extensive composite surfaces and also to help avert composite fillers from being pulled or detached through the material surface. Firm, one-step final polishing and extraordinary gloss shining - in mere 20 seconds give an enamel-like finish. This diamond polishing paste works faster to give exceptional esthetic results. Forget the old-fashioned aluminium-oxide polishing pastes! It can be applied with the enclosed nylon brush, or maybe a prophy cup, having a low-speed handpiece. The vacuum-sealed packaging keeps our polishing paste very fresh.  

Final polishing and high gloss shining for all those surfaces of esthetic/composite dental materials.

It can be engaged in enamel, porcelain and all sorts of other esthetic restorative materials.
• Used with a nylon brush or prophy cup.
• Polishing Paste is made with Applied Quartz Technology and is a one-step or two-step universal polishing paste.
• The diamond paste is loaded with extra-fine abrasive particles, averaging 3 microns, which limits the micro-roughness on the surface without abraiding the enamel or dentin.
• Very small particle size offers an ultra-smooth surface with respectable polish. In addition, It limits the adherence of plaque and bacteria and the subsequent development of gingivitis and periodontal disease.
• Virtually splatter-free.

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