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ReMTA One Bioceramic Sealer

mtaone ReMTA One

DSI ReMTA One Syringe

ReMTA One is a convenient premixed ready-to-use injectable bioactive paste developed for permanent obturation of the root canal.
This is hydrofilic material which requires the presence of water to set & harden. ReMTA One does not shrink during setting and demonstrates excellent physical properties.

Easy and effective technique

Stable material in premixed syringe

Biocompatible calcium aluminosilicate, Eugenol-free, Resin-free

Natural material - no color change


Simple to use - one syringe without need to mix.

Nanosealing - micro-particles with an excellent bonding to dentin and gutta-percha and zero shrinkage

High pH - alkaline environment adding the antibacterial features, calcium hydroxide is generated during setting

Excellent radiopacity

mta-usedfor ReMTA One

Product name: ReMTA One

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