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Calcium-Hx Calcium-Hx

Anti-Bacterial Cavity Liner

DSI Calcium-Hx Calcium Hydroxide Powder U.S.P. is mixed into a sticky substance as a dressing for apexification procedures, direct and indirect pulp covering and as a sub-base under restorations.

Calcium hydroxide happens to be contained within numerous materials and antimicrobial formulations that are used in several treatment modalities in endodontics.

These consist of, inter-appointment intracanal medicaments, pulp-capping agents, and root canal sealers.

Calcium hydroxide preparations are also used in the course of treatment of root perforations, root fractures, and root resorption and have a starring role in dental traumatology, for instance, following tooth avulsion and luxation injuries.

Calcium hydroxide powder has qualities and clinical application in endodontic and dental traumatology couples with these special characteristics which includes antibacterial activity, antifungal activity, results on bacterial biofilms, the working together between calcium hydroxide and other active agents, its results on the properties of dentine.

Pure calcium hydroxide paste carries a high pH (roughly 12.5-12.8), and that is classified chemically as being a strong base.

Its primary actions are realized through the ionic dissociation of Ca (2+) and OH (-) ions and their effects on important dental tissues, the induction of hard-tissue deposition in addition to the antibacterial properties.

The strong effects of calcium hydroxide on morbific bacterial cells are probably due to protein denaturation and destruction of DNA and cytoplasmic membranes.

It has an extensive range of antimicrobial activity against usual endodontic pathogens 

Calcium hydroxide powder is a very effective anti-endotoxin agent. Moreover, its effects on microbial biofilms are very contentious.

The vehicles play a supportive role, giving pastes chemical characteristics including dissociation and diffusion along with favouring the proper filling around the root canal which were decisive factors for antimicrobial potential and tissue healing.


  • Perfect for temporary root filling.
  • Good for Pulp capping.
  • Pulp protection.
  • Offers insulation in deep cavities.
  • Provides bactericidal relation to carious dentine.
  • Paste dropped at root apex delivers pulp insulation.
  • Protects the vital pulp from infections and further decay.
  • Can be taken off readily from the root canal by simple irrigation.


  • Mixes within a paste.
  • For apexification procedures.
  • Calcium hydroxide may be used as linings, for indirect and direct pulp capping, root dressing, root canal sealant, and apical closure.


Product Code
Powder, 10 g CALCIUM-HX



calcium-hx Calcium-Hx



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