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Hemostatic Gel

1Hemostatic Hemostatic Gel
DSI Hemostatic Gel - One of the factors that determine the success of a dental procedure is bleeding management. Therefore, it is very important to have a fast-acting effective hemostatic material such as DSI Hemostatic Gel.
DSI Hemostatic Gel is a thixotropic, non-dripping gel containing 25% buffered aluminum chloride.
The effectiveness of the DSI Hemostatic Gel is based on the fact that aluminum chloride enters into a chemical reaction with blood proteins. As a result, the acidic properties of aluminum chloride create a barrier of coagulated blood proteins. Thanks to the coagulated tissue and serum proteins, the gel provides local hemostasis and contraction of the surface layers of the gingival margin.
DSI Hemostatic Gel is applicable during restorative procedures, placement of metal bands, cervical matrix, and crown preparations. Handling properties allows using this gel for placing class V composite restorations, cementation, and scaling in periodontic cases.
The gel form is easily manipulative and allows you to apply the material pointwise and bring the maximum concentration of hemostatic into the area of hemorrhage. The gel is injected from the syringe directly into the subgingival space, so there is no loss of material on the glass or mixing block.
Applied to a cut or wound, the gel is effectively and quickly stops bleeding, allowing you to continue the procedure and reducing the risk of infection.
Allows you to achieve the fastest and lasting hemostasis in comparison with other hemostatic materials.
Convenient use with a syringe and tips
The thixotropic gel provides excellent handleability
As a result of viscous consistency, does not leak off from the treated area.
Greatly reduces blood loss
Does not sting or stain
Long and stable shelf life.

1-1Hemostatic Hemostatic Gel


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