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DSI Iodoform Powder

Iodoform Iodoform
Iodoform is a light yellow element having a strong aroma and very similar to chloroform, and it is an organoiodine compound. Iodoform has been traditionally used as a sanitizer. The USP rank indicates it can be graded and is perfect for various uses.
Iodoform is an organoiodine compound with this special formula of CHI3. It is famously recognized as tri-iodomethane, carbon triiodide, and methyl triiodide. 


Employed for filling root canals after depulping as well as treating infected canals in case there is chronic periodontitis. It is typically used for teeth specification in the occurrence of periodontitis, in the occurrence of the non-formed apex, tooth perforations, and bone resorption.

• Iodine works as an antiseptic wiper, when it gets in contact with living tissues, offering antimicrobial action have astringent and anti-inflammatory qualities and allows the development of granulation tissue. 
• The thrombocytes offer immediate response reactions that stimulate their aggregation. They begin to act as a catalyst and change the outer lining character, for the formation of new fibrin. Iodoform powder is used in dentistry for wound dressing for example after dental surgeries, tooth extractions, and canal preparations.
• Not dedicated just to stop the bleeding, it is also used as a disinfecting agent and could engage the contaminated area to clean it.
• Iodoform finds its uses as a disinfectant. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it was utilized in medicine as a healing and antiseptic dressing for wounds and sores. It is the active ingredient in several medical solutions.
• Utilized as dressing for treating extracted sockets as it is usually a minor analgesic that acts just as one antiseptic agent when reacting with wound secretions and fatty acids.
• Iodoform frees iodine to create a scaffold tissue by combining with protein substances which act as a dynamic germicide. 

Utilized as a therapeutic pad for the restoration of painful and inflamed pulp in the case of pulpitis.

• Used under permanent fillings when treating deep caries.
• Have a high pH level (12.5) creating a long bactericidal effect, radiopacity, pulp regeneration.
• Capability to pierce deeply into dentine canals also to seal them as a result of dough adjuster on a water base.
• Used with sterilized water until a homogenous dough is actually gotten with the aid of dough-adjuster and radiopaque filler. 

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