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Guttasoft Gutta Percha Softener

DSI GuttaSoft Solvent

Gutta Guttasoft Gutta Percha Softener

Gutta Percha Solvent material is typically used for the re-treatment of the root canal or to soften the gutta-percha points to guarantee more gentle root canal fill & better isolation.

GuttaSoft is also the solvent for eradicating gutta percha at the period of root canal re-treatment. The GuttaSoft just isn't based on the chloroform, so it is harmless to use for the person and the dentist

Gutta-percha continues to be material of choice for obturation ever since 1867. Lateral condensation is confirmed to be a widespread gutta-percha technique. Moreover, its capability to conform to the inner surface of the root canal may have been questioned.


DSI GuttaSoft is indeed a solution to this problem.

It's suitable for correction of primary gutta-percha in root canal filling procedures while using lateral condensation method.

DSI GuttaSoft is very effective for the retreatment after root canal gutta percha condensation is very exceptional.

The DSI GuttaSoft solvent makes softer the surface of the point, though it better adjusts towards the contour of the root canal. Flawless marginal fit and accurate root canal anatomy regeneration are realized without the need of heat treatment.

Direction of Use

  1. Select the needed height and width of gutta-percha, put it to the GuttaSoft liquid for two seconds and insert into the earlier prepared, processed and dried root canal.
  2. Instantly after that, the point really should be condensed together with the solvent-lubricated spreader (while the plasticity actually remains).
  3. Add more gutta points when needed.


  • Softens Gutta Percha allowing better canal fill and condensation
  • Outstanding radiopacity.
  • Long life cycle and freshness guaranteed.
  • Appropriate for vertical and lateral condensation.
  • Retreatment after root canal filling by gutta-percha concentration.
  • As a top-notch disinfectant for endodontic tools similar to K-files or reamers.


  • Non-hazardous/non-carcinogenic-different from chloroform / trichloroethylene.
  • Less volatile as likened to chloroform/trichloroethylene
  • Built on natural constituents - doesn't cause irritation to oral mucosa and periapical tissue
  • Vaporization of solvent is less owing to low volatility.


Product Code
Liquid, 10 ml GUTTASOFT



 Guttasoft Guttasoft Gutta Percha Softener

High concentrations of organic solvents may have side effects on the health of professional workers. In endodontic, halothane, chloroform and xylene are utilized to soften gutta-percha from root canals.

It is so good to know if the use of these solvents would have adverse effects on the health of patients or of the entire dental group.

However, the amounts and concentrations of chloroform, xylene, and other solvents often used in endodontic retreatment are low and thus considered safe.





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