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Hex Connection Analog

1Analog1 Hex Connection Analoglab-analog Hex Connection Analog 

The laboratory analog is an unreplaceable prosthetic component in the implant dentistry. It is necessary for precise duplication of the implant position on the technical model. When producing the DSI analogs, we use only the highest quality raw materials that are available worldwide - for lab analogs it is surgical-grade NiCr Stainless Steel. DSI manufactures analogs on the last generation's newest CNC 6 axis machines with a digital laser 3D marking technology. This process allows us to obtain genuine precision and incredible accuracy of the product and minimizes the errors in the creation of a dental prosthesis. 

 Analogs Hex Connection Analog
digital-analog Hex Connection Analog The newest addition to the line
3d digital printed model analog
click here for a digital library download

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