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Premium Multi Unit

111Premium Premium Multi Unitprem_mua Premium Multi Unit

The Premium Multi-Unit system provides a solution for screw-retained prostheses even on complicated-to-restore implants (for example, multiple tilted implants). Based on a popular shape and platform, used by leading dental companies, the Premium Multi-Unit system comprises a full range of sizes for both the upper and lower jaws. DSI Multi-Unit Abutments enables the screw-retained restorations to be screwed directly on the implant, with a wide range of screw-retained suprastructures available giving more than one way to proffering solution to the patient’s dental trouble. Premium line provides you with a full and ready to use solution to each case by including all the necessary tools and abutments to make the restoration - from the beginning to the end - a more pleasant experience. Additionally, the DSI straight and angulated premium systems parts are 100% mutually compatible so the parts can be used together. DSI's Premium Multi-Unit system comes in a wide range of options: Straight, angulated, Regular & Narrow platforms in 17°, 30°, and 45° adapters, in a variety of heights, connect to a wide range of complementary products.
Material: Titanium.



1PremiumMUA Premium Multi Unit


2PremiumMUA Premium Multi Unit


3PremiumMUA Premium Multi Unit


4PremiumMUA Premium Multi Unit


5PremiumMUA Premium Multi Unit


6PremiumMUA Premium Multi Unit


7PremiumMUA Premium Multi Unit



 8PremiumMUA Premium Multi Unit


 1PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit1-1PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit


2PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit2-1PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit


 3PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit3-1PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit


4PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit4-1PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit


5PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit5-1PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit


6PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit6-1PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit


7PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit7-1PremiumKIT Premium Multi Unit



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