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Lab Analogs

Lab Implant Analog

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The laboratory analog is an unreplaceable prosthetic component in the implant dentistry. It is necessary for precise duplication of the implant position on the technical model. 

When producing the DSI analogs, we use only the highest quality raw materials that are available worldwide. Unlike the most common stainless steel, used to cut the costs by other companies, we use titanium ELI grade 23. This is the same titanium grade we use in all our implants. DSI manufactures analogs on the last generation newest CNC 6 axis machines with a digital laser 3D marking technology. This process allows us to obtain genuine precision and incredible accuracy of the product and minimizes the errors in the creation of a dental prosthesis.

Implant Analog Line

 For exact DSI or compatible implant reproduction

Analog375 Lab Analogs

Name Platform Height Code
Standard Implant Analog Regular Hex  12mm  SIA375
Wide Body Analog Regular Hex 12mm SIA500
Short Body Analog Regular Hex 9mm SIA-US
Slim Half-cut Analog Regular Hex 12mm SIA375S
Narrow 3.0 Implant Analog Slim 2.0 Hex   12mm SIA300
Conical Connection Analog RP  Active Hex RP  10mm SAC-RP
 Conical Connection Analog NP Active Hex NP  10mm SAC-NP

Special Analog Line

 Integrated solutions (implant+abutment)

Analog---BA Lab Analogs

Name Platform Height Code
One-piece Implant Analog DSI Monoblock Implant  19mm  IAD375
Ball Attachment Analog   15mm SBA370
Loc-in Analog   10mm LOC-AN
DSI-Lock Analog    12mm LOCN-AN
Analog for Next-Gen MUA 1.7M Thread 12mm MU-S-AN
Analog for Premium MUA 1.6M Thread  12mm SAFMU-K
Lab Analog Handle
Internal Hex Hand Analog For Checking Abutment Integrity And Stability
or Modification&Shaping of Abutment
handanalog Lab Analogs*The abutment is for illustration purposes.


 analog-page Lab Analogs

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