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Red Castable Root Pins

Root-Canal-Pins Red Castable Root Pins
DSI Root Canal Pins are unique structure burn-out pins used to support fillings and crowns when a large part of the tooth is decayed or missing. DSI Root Canal Pins are thin shafts that are inserted into the tooth. They provide a platform that is used for modeling of the custom abutment, which will be an anchor form a future crown. The drilling sequence should be very accurate until the dentist reaches the root canal. When the tunnel for the pin is ready and cleaned from liquids the pin could be inserted. Then the dentist makes an impression of the tooth around the pin to get the desired model for further manipulation. When the impression is ready it's transferred to the laboratory for making a crown or custom abutment.
The technician takes the model that was provided by the dentist and fabricates the solid structure. At this point, the pin is completely burned out without a residue and leaves only a structure that will be used as an anchor for a new crown. DSI Root Canal Burn-out Pins has an advantage on alternative methods as it is prefabricated and achieved to be a solid structure it will not break. The product comes as 60 prefabricated plastic pins in a package, each piece intended for single use only.
• A flexible, residual plastic.
• Complete burn-out pin.
• Сutted necks on a body.
• For proper and sure casting.
• No ash and residue.
• Improve retention and better impression.
1Root-Canal-Pins Red Castable Root Pins 

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