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DSI 4D Zirconia

DSI 4D Zirconia Blank

DSI-Zri-front 4D Zirconia Blanks for Milling
DSI 4D is a new&complete "all-case" zirconia blank.
It was made to satisfy the growing requests of today's market.
The ultimate dental zirconia blanks should meet four demanding criteria:
• Multilayer colour gradient with natural shade transitions - for the best aesthetic
• Layer-varied transparency with an anterior translucency for incisors
• High structure strength to support any bridgework - better with a proper strength gradient to mimic real tooth properties
• Fracture toughness to resist chipping.
The DSI 4D blanks, made of multilayered full-contour zirconium oxide, impress with a layer by layer varied translucency and flexural strength, a multi-layered colour gradient, an anterior translucency for incisors, high stability for the construction of all bridge frameworks and high flexural strength against split-off. The blanks are especially suitable for highly aesthetic zones and single-tooth restorations, but applicable for various indications including total bridges.
Natural beauty, aesthetic, strength and long life-span in one, that's why we call it 4D. When the dental technician has no limits, and can easily produce highly aesthetic restorations, allowing to compete against low-end dental prostheses, this is where the Art begins.
 ds-icon 4D Zirconia Blanks for Milling 
Physical properties:
Colour Vita 12 shades + Bleach
Translucency  43-46.6%
Bending strength  1300-1027 MPa
Sintered density  >=6g/cm3
Fracture toughness  4.3-5.1 MPa*m
Sintering temperature  1480°C (recommended)
Most popular 98 disc shades & thicknesses REF codes
Zirconia-4D-sizes 4D Zirconia Blanks for Milling

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