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Syntoss Bone Graft

Syntoss Bone graft

bone Syntoss Bone Graft Syntoss-REG Syntoss Bone Graft
DSI Syntoss Bone Graft
Synthetic-Tricalcium Phosphate Bone Graft Sterile Material DSI Bone Graft is used as a filler and scaffold to facilitate bone formation and promote wound healing. This graft is bioresorbable and has no antigen-antibody reaction. This bone graft acts as a mineral reservoir which induces new bone formation.
DSI Syntoss artificial bone is chemically created from 60% ß-tricalcium phosphate and 40% hydroxyapatite (e.g. bioglass and calcium sulfate). Both are biologically active, hypoallergenic and has no counter-indications. It's made as a part of a controlled manufacturing process, thus their physical properties (i.e., composition, morphology, and resorbability) are exceptionally reproducible.
This synthetic bone graft material is composed of biocompatible calcium phosphate materials that are similar to that of bone and are capable of bonding chemically to bone and dentin.
This synthetic material is designed to fill the space of the missing bone and encourage the growth of new bone tissue. It can be used in any surgical or dentine procedure. Certain combinations of chemical compounds can optimize the microstructure of the synthetic, allowing the resulting granules to mimic the interconnected porosity of human cancellous bone. When synthetics are constructed in this manner, they can offer excellent osteoconductive properties.

Proven Bone Formation

A unique, engineered ionic release of Syntoss, Ca and phosphate ions results in the stimulation of families of genes that are known to be critical in the repair and regeneration of bone tissue. 

This process, unique to DSI Syntoss as a synthetic bone graft material, is defined as osteostimulation. Osteostimulation leads to a catalytic response that accelerates the natural healing process and bone regeneration. Can be used to fill bone defects and ridges of virtually every size and type known in dentistry.

SyntossGraft-All-Kinds Syntoss Bone Graft

Syntoss Bone Graft

Size Packaging Type Code
0.25 cc Glass Vial Bits BG47702
0.5 cc Glass Vial Bits BG47705
1.0 cc Glass Vial Bits BG47710
2.0 cc Glass Vial Bits BG47720
5.0 cc Glass Vial Bits BG47750
5x5 mm 4 pcs In Glass Vial Blocks BG47505
5x10 mm 2 pcs In Glass Vial Blocks BG47510
Ø5-15 mm 2 pcs In Glass Vial Cones BG47515
0.5 cm³ + 0.25 cm³ Graft Syringe + Solvent Syringe Gel BG47075



  • Radiopaque
  • 100% Synthetic & Safe.
  • Completely Resorbable.
  • Unsurpassed Handling.
  • Osteoconductive and Osteostimulative.

DSI Bone graft ß – TCP/HA granules

  • 500-100 μm – is the most popular size - always in stock-  universal particle size for most cyst and alveolar defects.

Can be also ordered in the following sizes:

  • 100-500 μm – small periodontal bone defects.
  • 1000-2000 μm – recommended for sinus lifting.



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