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Zenoss Bone Graft

2Zenoss Bovine Zenoss Bone Graft

Natural Bone Graft Material from Bovine Origin, DSI Zenoss Bone Graft is used as a filler and scaffold to facilitate bone formation and promote wound healing. This graft is bioresorbable and has no antigen-antibody reaction. DSI Zenoss Bone Graft is based on a bovine 20/80 cortical-cancellous bone mineral matrix, making it perfect choice use in guided bone regeneration procedures. This is a Xenograft bone material that is harvested from cows as a part of a controlled manufacturing process. This bone is specially treated to make it sterile and totally biocompatible. Physical properties (i.e., composition, morphology, and resorbability) are exceptionally reproducible. The bio-functionality of Zenoss graft is characterized by its topographic structure, hydrophilic properties and the biologic interaction that supports reliable bone formation. This material is designed to fill the space of the missing bone and encourage the growth of new bone tissue. Bovine (cow) bone is considered as a safe and very effective material for bone grafting with dental implants. This bovine material used for grafting of structural defects before implant insertion. It is often used with a non-resorbable membrane or collagen membranes to contain and protect the graft from the oral environment. DSI Zenoss graft is sterilized by gamma-ray and contains no cellular elements. This eliminates the risk of any disease or unfortunate contamination. It's considered the highest grade bone substitute in dental bone regeneration – meeting the requirements from clinicians for predictable outcomes. 

100% Natural bovine.
Fully sterilized and contains no cellular elements.
Higher implant survival rates, comparable with implants placed in the native bone.
Completely resorbable.
Optimal osteointegration - high porosity supports osteoconduction.


3Zenoss Bovine Zenoss Bone Graft

1Zenoss1 Bovine Zenoss Bone Graft 



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