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Healing caps

dental Healing caps DSIhealing_cap Healing caps DSI


The healing cap helps to keep the gum tissue pushed back and prevent implant overgrowth, so that crown or abutment can be easily fitted afterward.

Available in different widths, shapes, and heights.


HC Healing caps DSI


DSI Healing Caps Abutments 

Narrow Platform Ø 3.8
Diameter for implant 3.0 Healing Abutment
 Collar Height 


 2 mm SHCN2S
 3 mm SHCN3S
 4 mm SHCN4S
 5 mm SHCN5S
 6 mm SHCN6S



Slim Profile
Ø 3.8 Diameter Healing Abutment
 Collar Height


 3 mm  SHCN3
 4 mm  SHCN4
 5 mm  SHCN5
 6 mm  SHCN6


Standard Platform

Ø 4.6 Diameter Healing Abutment

 Collar Height


 3 mm  SHC3
 4 mm  SHC4
 5 mm  SHC5
 6 mm  SHC6


Wide Platform

Ø 5.5 Diameter Healing Abutment

 Collar Height 


 2 mm  SHCW2
 3 mm  SHCW3
 4 mm  SHCW4
 5 mm  SHCW5

Extra Wide Platform
Ø 6.3 Diameter Healing Abutment
 Collar Height 


 3 mm SHCXW3
 4 mm SHCXW3
 5 mm SHCXW3


Concave Anatomic Shape

Ø 4.5 Diameter Healing Abutment

 Collar Height 


 1 mm SHCA1
 2 mm SHCA2
 3 mm SHCA3
 4 mm SHCA4
 5 mm SHCA5
 6 mm SHCA6


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The regulatory status of different devices in the DSI Dental Implant System is not the same in all regions.
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