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 When performing dental drilling procedures, you need drills that simplify the cutting process, save time and minimize harm risks.

With the DSI surgical drills, that’s exactly what you’ll get.
Strict quality control of every unit and use of the military-grade steel provides state-of-the-art hardness and slickness that increases drill lifespan, maintains sharpness for extra drilling and generates less heat, thus controls the bone expansion, for better implant initial stability and reducing chances of necrosis. 


  DSI Surgical Drills   





Pilot Drills
Ø mm   Code
Ø1.2 1.2 Surgical Drills
Ø1.5 1.5 Surgical Drills MDI150
Ø1.9 1.9 Surgical Drills MDI190
Standard-Cyllindrical-Drills Surgical Drills 
Standard Cyllindrical Drills
Ø mm   Code
Ø2.0 PD200 Surgical Drills PD200
Ø2.5 TD250 Surgical Drills TD250
Ø2.8 TD280 Surgical Drills TD280
Ø3.2 TD320 Surgical Drills TD320
Ø3.65 TD365 Surgical Drills TD365
Ø4.0 TD400 Surgical Drills TD400
Ø4.2 TD420 Surgical Drills TD420
Ø4.5 TD450 Surgical Drills TD450
Ø5.2 TD520 Surgical Drills TD520
Universal External Irrigation Drill
Length   Code
29.0 mm Universal-External-Irrigation-Drill Surgical Drills TDE
DNT² Coated Implant Drills
with External Irrigation
Ø mm   Code
Ø2.0 DNP200 Surgical Drills DNP200
Ø2.5 DNT250 Surgical Drills DNT250
Ø2.8 DNT280 Surgical Drills DNT280
Ø3.2 DNT320 Surgical Drills DNT320
Ø3.65 DNT365 Surgical Drills DNT365
Ø4.0 DNT400 Surgical Drills DNT400
Ø4.5 DNT520 Surgical Drills DNT450
Ø5.2 DNT5202 Surgical Drills DNT520
Features: Dark gray coating with anti-reflective effect.
Multi-layered for a long tool life-span.
Decreasing the drill temperature during bone cutting.
Ultimate corrosion resistance.
Smoother drilling due to hard carbon lubricant.
High Contrast Easy-to-read Depth Marking.
Trephine Drills
Ø mm   Code
Ø2.0-3.0 CD280 Surgical Drills TB300
Ø3.0-4.0 CD370 Surgical Drills TB400
Ø4.0-5.0 CD400 Surgical Drills TB500
Ø5.0-6.0 CD450 Surgical Drills TB600
Countersink Drills
Ø mm   Code
Ø3.75-4.2 CD375 Surgical Drills CD375
Ø5.0-6.0 CD500 Surgical Drills CD500
Most-Popular-Conical-Drills Surgical Drills 
Most Popular Conical Drills
Ø D1-D2 mm   Code
Ø1.8-2.8 CD280A Surgical Drills CD280
Ø2.5-3.7 CD370A Surgical Drills CD370
Ø2.7-4.0 CD400A Surgical Drills CD400
Ø2.7-4.5 CD450AA Surgical Drills CD450
Ø3.1-5.5 CD450A Surgical Drills CD550
Standard Conical Drills (Lenght 16.0 mm)
Ø D1-D2 mm   External Irrigation Internal Irrigation
Ø1.6-2.2 TDC220 Surgical Drills TDC220 TDCI220
Ø1.8-2.4 TDC240 Surgical Drills TDC240 TDCI240
Ø1.6-2.7 TDC270 Surgical Drills TDC270 TDCI270
Ø1.8-2.8 TDC280 Surgical Drills TDC280 TDCI280
Ø2.0-3.2 TDC320 Surgical Drills TDC320 TDCI320
Ø2.0-3.3 TDC330 Surgical Drills TDC330 TDCI330
Ø2.5-3.7 TDC400 Surgical Drills TDC370 TDCI370
Ø2.7-4.0 TDC370 Surgical Drills TDC400 TDCI400
Ø2.7-4.5 TDC450 Surgical Drills TDC450 TDCI450
Ø3.1-5.5 TDC550 Surgical Drills TDC550 TDCI550
Standard-Drills-Lenght-16.0-mm Surgical Drills
Standard Drills (Length 16.0 mm)
Ø mm External Irrigation Internal Irrigation
Ø2.0 PD200 PDI200
Ø2.5 TD250 TDI250
Ø2.8 TD280 TDI280
Ø3.0 TD300 TDI300
Ø3.2 TD320 TDI320
Ø3.3 TD330 TDI330
Ø3.5 TD350 TDI350
Ø3.65 TD365 TDI365
Ø3.8 TD380 TDI380
Ø4.0 TD380 TDI380
Ø4.1 TD410 TDI410
Ø4.2 TD420 TDI420
Ø4.3 TD430 TDI430
Ø4.5 TD450 TDI450
Ø4.8 TD480 TDI480
Ø5.0 TD500 TDI500
Ø5.2 TD520 TDI520
Ø5.5 TD550 TDI550
Ø5.8 TD580 TDI580
Short-Drills-Lenght-11.5-mm Surgical Drills
Short Drills (Length 11.5 mm)
Ø mm External Irrigation Internal Irrigation
Ø2.0 PDS200 PDSI200
Ø2.5 TDS250 TDSI250
Ø2.8 TDS280 TDSI280
Ø3.0 TDS300 TDSI300
Ø3.2 TDS320 TDSI320
Ø3.3 TDS330 TDSI330
Ø3.5 TDS350 TDSI350
Ø3.65 TDS365 TDSI365
Ø3.8 TDS380 TDSI380
Ø4.0 TDS380 TDSI380
Ø4.1 TDS410 TDSI410
Ø4.2 TDS420 TDSI420
Ø4.3 TDS430 TDSI430
Ø4.5 TDS450 TDSI450
Ø4.8 TDS480 TDSI480
Ø5.0 TDS500 TDSI500
Ø5.2 TDS520 TDSI520
Ø5.5 TDS550 TDSI550
Ø5.8 TDS580 TDSI580
Long-Drills-Lenght-20.0-mm Surgical Drills
Long Drills (Length 20.0 mm)
Ø mm External Irrigation Internal Irrigation
Ø2.0 PDL200 PDLI200
Ø2.5 TDL250 TDLI250
Ø2.8 TDL280 TDLI280
Ø3.0 TDL300 TDLI300
Ø3.2 TDL320 TDLI320
Ø3.3 TDL330 TDLI330
Ø3.5 TDL350 TDLI350
Ø3.65 TDL365 TDLI365
Ø3.8 TDL380 TDLI380
Ø4.0 TDL380 TDLI380
Ø4.1 TDL410 TDLI410
Ø4.2 TDL420 TDLI420
Ø4.3 TDL430 TDLI430
Ø4.5 TDL450 TDLI450
Ø4.8 TDL480 TDLI480
Ø5.0 TDL500 TDLI500
Ø5.2 TDL520 TDLI520
Ø5.5 TDL550 TDLI550
Ø5.8 TDL580 TDLI580
30 Drills Set Kit STOP-30
STOP-30 Surgical Drills
STOP-30 includes 30 drills with built-in Stoppers, Drills diameters:
  • Ø2.0 mm, Ø2.8 mm, Ø3.2 mm, Ø3.65 mm, Ø4.0 mm, Ø4.5 mm.

Each drill diameter has the following lengths:

  • 6.0 mm, 8.0 mm, 10.0 mm, 11.5 mm, 13 mm.
  • Well-organized kit, clearly visible and easily accessed.
  • Box and drills are laser-marked for identification and placement.
  • Slim drill design enables usage in narrow sites.
  • Easy cleaning and autoclave sterilization.


All drills are made from 316 alloy marine
grade stainless steel. This surgical
steel is very sharp and it does
not lose it over a long period of time,
has a remarkable corrosion resistance,
and can serve over the years.
Code: STOP-30
Drills with Integral Stoppers, Ø 2.0 mm
Length   Code
6.0 mm PD200L6S Surgical Drills PD200L6S
8.0 mm PD200L8S Surgical Drills PD200L8S
10.0 mm PD200L10S Surgical Drills PD200L10S
11.5 mm PD200L115S Surgical Drills PD200L115S
13.0 mm PD200L13S Surgical Drills PD200L13S
Drills with Integral Stoppers, Ø 2.8 mm
Length   Code
6.0 mm TD280L6S Surgical Drills TD280L6S
8.0 mm TD280L8S Surgical Drills TD280L8S
10.0 mm TD280L10S Surgical Drills TD280L10S
11.5 mm TD280L115S Surgical Drills TD280L115S
13.0 mm TD280L13S Surgical Drills TD280L13S
Drills with Integral Stoppers, Ø 3.2 mm
Length   Code
6.0 mm TD320L6S Surgical Drills TD320L6S
8.0 mm TD320L8S Surgical Drills TD320L8S
10.0 mm TD320L10S Surgical Drills TD320L10S
11.5 mm TD320L115S Surgical Drills TD320L115S
13.0 mm TD320L13S Surgical Drills TD320L13S
Drills with Integral Stoppers, Ø 3.65 mm
Length   Code
6.0 mm TD365L6S Surgical Drills TD365L6S
8.0 mm TD365L8S Surgical Drills TD365L8S
10.0 mm TD365L10S Surgical Drills TD365L10S
11.5 mm TD365L115S Surgical Drills TD365L115S
13.0 mm TD365L13S Surgical Drills TD365L13S
Drills with Integral Stoppers, Ø 4.0 mm
Length   Code
6.0 mm TD400L6S Surgical Drills TD400L6S
8.0 mm TD400L8S Surgical Drills TD400L8S
10.0 mm TD400L10S Surgical Drills TD400L10S
11.5 mm TD400L115S Surgical Drills TD400L115S
13.0 mm TD400L13S Surgical Drills TD400L13S
Drills with Integral Stoppers, Ø 4.5 mm
Length   Code
6.0 mm TD450L6S Surgical Drills TD450L6S
8.0 mm TD450L8S Surgical Drills TD450L8S
10.0 mm TD450L10S Surgical Drills TD450L10S
11.5 mm TD450L115S Surgical Drills TD450L115S
13.0 mm TD450L13S Surgical Drills TD450L13S
Conical-Drills-with-External-Irrigation Surgical Drills
Conical Drills with External Irrigation
Length Ø D1-D2 mm   Code
6.0 mm Ø1.6-2.2 mm TDC1622L6S
8.0 mm Ø1.6-2.2 mm TDC1622L8S
10.0 mm Ø1.6-2.2 mm TDC1622L10S
11.5 mm Ø1.6-2.2 mm TDC1622L115S
13.0 mm Ø1.6-2.2 mm TDC1622L13S
Length Ø D1-D2 mm   Code
6.0 mm Ø1.9-2.7 mm TDC1927L6S
8.0 mm Ø1.9-2.7 mm TDC1927L8S
10.0 mm Ø1.9-2.7 mm TDC1927L10S
11.5 mm Ø1.9-2.7 mm TDC1927L115S
13.0 mm Ø1.9-2.7 mm TDC1927L13S
Length Ø D1-D2 mm   Code
6.0 mm Ø2.1-3.3 mm TDC2133L6S
8.0 mm Ø2.1-3.3 mm TDC2133L8S
10.0 mm Ø2.1-3.3 mm TDC2133L10S
11.5 mm Ø2.1-3.3 mm TDC2133L115S
13.0 mm Ø2.1-3.3 mm TDC2133L13S
Length Ø D1-D2 mm   Code
6.0 mm Ø2.5-3.7 mm TDC2537L6S
8.0 mm Ø2.5-3.7 mm TDC2537L8S
10.0 mm Ø2.5-3.7 mm TDC2537L10S
11.5 mm Ø2.5-3.7 mm TDC2537L115S
13.0 mm Ø2.5-3.7 mm TDC2537L13S
Length Ø D1-D2 mm   Code
6.0 mm Ø2.5-4.0 mm TDC2540L6S
8.0 mm Ø2.5-4.0 mm TDC2540L8S
10.0 mm Ø2.5-4.0 mm TDC2540L10S
11.5 mm Ø2.5-4.0 mm TDC2540L115S
13.0 mm Ø2.5-4.0 mm TDC2540L13S
Length Ø D1-D2 mm   Code
6.0 mm Ø2.5-4.5 mm TDC2545L6S
8.0 mm Ø2.5-4.5 mm TDC2545L8S
10.0 mm Ø2.5-4.5 mm TDC2545L10S
11.5 mm Ø2.5-4.5 mm TDC2545L115S
13.0 mm Ø2.5-4.5 mm TDC2545L13S
Length Ø D1-D2 mm   Code
6.0 mm Ø3.0-5.0 mm TDC3050L6S
8.0 mm Ø3.0-5.0 mm TDC3050L8S
10.0 mm Ø3.0-5.0 mm TDC3050L10S
11.5 mm Ø3.0-5.0 mm TDC3050L115S
13.0 mm Ø3.0-5.0 mm TDC3050L13S


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