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Instruments and tools

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DSI offers a wide range of innovative tools and instruments, providing you with simple and easy solutions suited to nearly any clinical case and scenario.



   DSI Insertion Tools   

All DSI prosthetic 1.25 drivers are compatible with both Internal Hex and Conical Platforms.


  DSI Ratchet Drivers   


2.65CCDrivers Surgical Instruments & Tools

Conical Connection Implant Ratchet Driver - RP / NP
Lengh Regular Narrow
10.0 mm RDKC-RP10 RDKC-NP10
15.0 mm RDKC-RP15 RDKC-NP15
2.42Hex Surgical Instruments & Tools
Internal Hex Ratchet 2.42 Implant Driver
Length Hex Code
7.0 mm 2.42 RDK24070
10.0 mm 2.42 RDK24100
15.0 mm 2.42 RDK24150
2.0Hex Surgical Instruments & Tools
Internal Hex Ratchet Narrow 2.0 Implant Driver
Length Hex Code
7.0 mm 2.0 RDS2010
15.0 mm 2.0 RDS2015
1.25Hex Surgical Instruments & Tools
Internal Hex Ratchet 1.25 Prosthetic Driver
Length Hex Code
7.0 mm 1.25 RDK125070
10.0 mm 1.25 RDK125100
15.0 mm 1.25 RDK125150
OnePiece Surgical Instruments & Tools
One-piece Implant Ratchet Holder Driver
Length Width Code
18.0 mm 6.35 mm RDOP
Manual-Ratchet-Driver-Ring Surgical Instruments & Tools
Manual Ratchet Driver Ring
Length Width Code
11.0 mm 6.35 mm HW
Big-Handle-Surgical-Screwdriver Surgical Instruments & Tools
Big Handle Surgical Screwdriver
Hex Code
2.42 HD
6.35 RHD


 DSI Other Hex Drivers   


Motor-Mount-Handpiece-Conical-Connection-Driver Surgical Instruments & Tools

Motor Mount Handpiece
Conical Connection Driver - RP / NP
Lengh Regular Narrow
20.0 mm MMIC-RP20 MMIC-NP20
28.0 mm MMIC-RP28 MMIC-NP28
Motor-Mount-Handpiece-Driver Surgical Instruments & Tools
Motor Mount Handpiece Driver - 2.42 / 1.25
Length Hex Code
20.0 mm 1.25 MM12520
28.0 mm 1.25 MM12528
20.0 mm 2.42 MM24220
28.0 mm 2.42 MM24228
Hand-Hex-Abutment-Driver Surgical Instruments & Tools
Hand Hex Abutment Driver
Length Width Hex Code
7.0 mm 8.0 mm 1.25 HDK125070
10.0 mm 8.0 mm 1.25 HDK125100
15.0 mm 8.0 mm 1.25 HDK125150
Long-Hand-Abutment-Driver- Surgical Instruments & Tools
Long Hand Abutment Driver
Length Width Hex Code
25.0 mm 8.0 mm 1.25 HDK125250
XL-Black-Steel-Hand-Driver Surgical Instruments & Tools
XL Black Steel Hand Driver
Length Hex Code
60.0 mm 1.25 XL125600

Allows an accurate appliance of the

recommended torque when using

prosthetic or surgical drivers.


Standard-Ratchet-Wrench Surgical Instruments & Tools
Standard Ratchet Wrench
with Interchangeable Ring
Length Hex Code
Ø 4.0 mm 6.35 mm SR
10-45-Ncm Surgical Instruments & Tools
Differential Torque Ratchet 10-45
Ncm with Interchangeable Ring
Length Hex Code
Ø 4.0 mm 6.35 mm STR
Universal-Torque Surgical Instruments & Tools
Universal Torque Wrench 10-45 Ncm
Hex Code
6.35 mm 1000202


  DSI Hand Tools  

  DSI Surgical Measure Instruments    

Ø mm Long 2-side Parallel Pin Code
Ø1.6 Long-2-side-Parallel-Pin Surgical Instruments & Tools PPD300  


Tool Length Work Length Tissue Punch 4 mm Code
26.0 mm 12.0 mm Tissue-Punch-4-mm Surgical Instruments & Tools TPD  


Hex Screw Driver Technical Analog Code
2.42 Screw-Driver-Technical-Analog Surgical Instruments & Tools TSP01


Length Jag Parallel Guide Pin Code
10.0 mm Jag1 Surgical Instruments & Tools SPP100
16.0 mm  Jag2 Surgical Instruments & Tools SPP160
To achieve a parallelism
during the drilling sequence.


One-piece Depth Probe & Implant Spacer Code
Depth-Probe Surgical Instruments & Tools DPKOP
The thin side with the flat end designed for checking
the depth of a socket. It is marked
with 8, 10, 11.5, 13 and 16 mm – depths
that fit the most popular implant systems.
The wide side is designed for checking
the depth gap between the implant
end and the soft tissue.
Marked with lengths of
1mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm.

DSI Instruments and Kits


Broken Screw Emergency Extractor Kit 

Kit   Code
Broken-Screw-Kit Surgical Instruments & Tools Emergency-Extractor-Kit Surgical Instruments & Tools RN680
Kit contains
• Claw Reamer Bur
• Reverse Cutting Bur
• Manual Extractor
• Centering Device
With the Broken Screw Extractor Kit,
it is possible to remove a damaged fixation
screw from the implant that has not
been fastened with some type of
cement or damaged during previous attempts
to remove it. Easy to handle and fit
all major internal hex connection platforms.
 Cuff Height Gingiva Measure Kit
Gingiva-Measure-Kit Surgical Instruments & Tools
Easily determine the tissue height above the
implant and eliminate mistakes when choosing
the correct attachment.
Easy to read, the color-coded
millimeter measurement tool accurately measures
tissue height from 0.5-7 mm. Slider gauge – used
in cases with a limited space for measuring the
height of the abutment.
Fixed rod gauge – is easier to use,
and more precise, when you have enough space
for the steel ring to sit on the implant.
Laser Marks that allows you
to take the exact measurements.
The kit contains slider gauge, fixed rod gauge,
silicone ring dispenser and 20 silicone rings.

Bone Expander Tool Kit

 Bone-Expander-Tool-Kit Surgical Instruments & Tools

Kit Contains:
• Bone Expanders: 2.6, 3.0, 3.4, 3.8 and 4.3 mm
• Ratchet Wrench Square Head 4 mm
• Marking 2.0 mm Pilot Drill
• Ratchet Wrench Extender Connector
• Manual Knob Ratchet Adapter
• Latch Adapter Connector
• 2 Parallel Jag Pins.

Expander-Tools Surgical Instruments & Tools

A perfect solution for cases with bone
augmentation procedures needed due
to the presence of bone defects on the
future implant site. This technique using
sequential bone expanders and allows the
implant placement in an atrophic maxillary ridge.
An alternative to osteotomes and maxillary
sinus elevation technique. Expanders are
driven into the bone with a ratchet wrench
or low-speed handpiece. This decreases
the surgical trauma of osteotomes.
Bone expanders improve clinical success
by improving stability, maintaining bone
density, and increasing fixation.


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The regulatory status of different devices in the DSI Dental Implant System is not the same in all regions.
Please check with us to find out which devices are available in your country