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IPR Adjustment and Finishing

1TAD IPR Adjustment and Finishingdsi-tad IPR Adjustment and Finishing

DSI Proxicut is an innovative, precision dental strip system designed to achieve ideal proximal contact adjustment and complete marginal seating of crowns, veneers, inlays/Onlays, and proximal contouring of composite fillings accurately with minimal time and effort. DSI IPR Strip System makes interproximal enamel stripping safe and accurate without creating sharp corners or subgingival ledges. Perfect for use with orthodontic treatments, these flexible strips curve and conform to the natural contours of the teeth to maximize patient comfort and safety. Available in hand-held and on-handle variations. The system comes with a sawtooth edge strip for cutting through and breaking the contact points, and abrasive corrugated surface strip for cleaning the interdental space and polishing the in-between teeth surface to achieve the IPR effect.

Single-handed, ergonomic design offers optimal tactile control and reduces hand fatigue.
Eliminates the need to hold small restorations and use rotary instruments or articulating films.
Central opening for enhanced visual perception and access for tools.
• The patient-friendly
 design prevents gagging and soft tissue irritation.
Flexible strips conform to the natural contours of the teeth to avoid creating sharp corners.
Autoclavable and reusable.
It does not remove excessive enamel.
Saves chair-time.
Effective both in anterior and posterior areas.


1IPR IPR Adjustment and Finishing


2IPR IPR Adjustment and Finishing



dsi-miniscrew IPR Adjustment and Finishingdsi-miniscrew IPR Adjustment and Finishing

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