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Glass-FX Cement

1Glass-FX Glass-FX Cement
Glass-FX is an advanced formula multi-purpose glass-ionomer for final cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays, as well as orthodontic applications. Glass-FX is undoubtedly an innovative formula multi-purpose glass-ionomer for primary cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, and on-lays, including orthodontic applications. The cement chemically connects to enamel, dentin, and metal. The glass constituent is excellently ground and sieved to give an average particle proportion of fewer than 6 microns (<6μm). This makes Glass-FX well suited for use as a liner under composite, amalgam or porcelain restorations where a thin lining is pointed out. Glass-FX light glass ionomer cement is made for lining, lengthy fissure sealing, and lesser lesions. Sustained fluorine-emission action reinforces dentin, attaining a bactericidal effect. Distinct conditioner/varnish that comes with the cement gives one more micro-sealing, that guards restoration and foils the emergence of secondary caries.
Glass-FX blends without difficulty.

• Glass-FX has high strength.
• It has good radiopacity.
• It snaps set without much problem.
• The additional material is not difficult to remove.
• It can also provide a liner and base.
Extraordinary strength.

• Comprises a high level of fluoride.
• It has exceptional wear and erosion resistance.
• Stress-free mixing.

• Outstanding biocompatibility.
Glass-FX Benefits:
Extraordinary compressive strength.

• Fluoride discharge.
• Radiopaque
• Fast and cool to apply.
• Lifelong cementations.
• Prevent the accumulation of plaque.
• Resilient Cementations.
• Easy mix - less chair-time.
• Negligible pulpal response.
Special conditioner/varnish inside the package  Provides an additional micro-sealing, protects restoration and prevents the emergence of secondary caries.
Glass-FX Cement is the ideal solution for:
Cementing crowns and bridges.

• Cementing inlays and onlays.
• Orthodontic cementation of brackets and crowns.
• Restoration of milk teeth (all cavities).
• For filling cavities of the 5th class.
• Cementation of tooth jewelry.

Package contents: 20g powder jar / 15ml liquid bottle, 10ml Varnish, mixing accessories

 2Glass-FX Glass-FX Cement



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