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UniEtch Etching

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DSI UniEtch is employed in dentistry to etch the surface of enamel, dentine, glass ionomer filling. Through these application retention properties of the surface are enhanced. It's left to act on the enamel or dentine for a brief time around 60seconds. Fissures and cavity seals. UniEtch Etching gel is a polymer condensed, gel to be used on enamel and dentin. UniEtch has a stress-free and detailed application guaranteeing adequate mechanical retention of the etched surface of hard dental tissues. UniEtch gel produces the required micro retentive surface for effective bonding. The polymer thickeners produce thixotropic properties, improving handling features. The etchant rinses away cleanly and swiftly, leaving no residue.

Etching of enamel surface or dentine before the preparation of a composite or bonded amalgam filling.

• Before the preparation of a composite or fused amalgam filling.
• Before the preparation of a sandwich composite filling with a glass ionomer cement.
• Before the adhesive fixation of an aesthetic facet (veneer) either ceramic or composite.
• Before the fixation of associate inlay or onlay, the root pin a crown or bridge with composite cement.
• Cementation of mounted prosthetic, adhesive splints in orthodontics, fixation of orthodontic brackets.

1UniEtch UniEtch Etching 

 UniEtch-Gel UniEtch Etching

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