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Sterile sponge blister

3Sponge-Cubes Sterile sponge blister
DSI Sponge is manufactured from highly purified first extract grade collagen material. It is used in a wide range of surgical procedures, where traditional hemostatic measures are irrelevant, or inappropriate. DSI Sponge absorbs approximately 40-50 times of its weight of liquid and adheres easily to the bleeding site. DSI Sponge is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, does not provoke an immune reaction, and 100% biocompatible. When implanted, it is completely absorbed within 3-4 weeks. In addition to serving as a mechanical obstruction to bleeding, DSI Sponge affects the coagulation process. DSI Sponge has a porous structure that activates the thrombocytes at the moment when blood comes in contact with the matrix of the DSI Sponge. The thrombocytes have an immediate response reaction which stimulates their aggregation. They begin to act as a catalyst and change the surface character, for the formation of new fibrin. DSI Sponge may be left at the bleeding site, when necessary. The sponge will aid with the healing process of the wound and will be absorbed completely without later interference. This absorption is dependent upon several factors, including the amount used, a degree of saturation with blood or other fluids, and the site of use is one of the more commonly employed agents for the control of bleeding. Unlike regular collagen, DSI Sponge is related to the formation of a mechanical matrix that facilitates clotting rather than affecting the blood-clotting mechanism. DSI Sponge liquefies in one week and is completely resorbed in 2 weeks. The product comes in individually packaged cubes in sterile blisters, each intended for single use only.
• Absorbed biologically within 2 weeks.
• Seals up the bleeding tissues immediately.
• Perfectly sized for use in dentistry.
• Use dry or saturated with a thrombin solution.
• Excellent bio-compatibility.
• No side effects aid the healing process.
• Prevents blood loss and hemorrhage.
• Reduces chair time.
• Control bleeding in extractions and apicoectomies.
• Made from purified first-grade gelatin.
Product indications:
• On operating tissues - it controls oozing and seals up the bleeding tissues immediately.

• During bone harvesting from the iliac crest by filling the donor site.
• Dento-alveolar surgery and extraction of teeth in patients with risk of hemorrhage.
• Regeneration of mucosal tissue removal of mandibular cysts.
• Maxillo-facial surgery.
Sponge-Cubes Sterile sponge blister2Sponge-Cubes Sterile sponge blister

 1Sponge-Cubes Sterile sponge blister


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