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UltraSil Bite Registration

4Impression UltraSil Bite Registration

DSI Ultrasil Bite is a quick-setting, bite registration material based on vinyl polysiloxane addition-curing silicone with an extremely high final hardness (Shore-A 91). DSI Ultrasil Bite can be trimmed with rotary instruments; the correct bite relationship can be easily checked intraorally (excess segments can be broken off). Due to less cure time required, the material is comfortable to the patient while the risk of distortion during the setting is reduced significantly. DSI Ultrasil Bite has a perfect thixotropy - flows well, but does not "slump" or run into in the interdental spaces, and can be easily removed from the mouth. Ensures easy handling and maximum precision.


Comfortable operating time/setting time ratio.

• Exceptional consistency.
• Outstanding dimensional stability.
• High final hardness
• Amazing tear strength.
• Non-sticky. Very smooth.
• Precise results, maximum convenience
• Applied straight from the cartridge onto the occlusal surfaces
• Models could be discharged up to 3 weeks after impression taking.
• Easily trimmed with a rotary cutter. 

 4-1Impression UltraSil Bite Registration


 UltraSil_Bite UltraSil Bite Registration

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