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UltraSil Putty

1Impression UltraSil Putty

DSI Ultrasil Putty is easy to mix, non-oily, non-sticky heavy viscosity impression material with high final hardness and distortion resist. It benefits from specially engineered formula to create precise, consistent impressions. DSI Ultrasil Putty could be offered in full size (2x300ml jars) or patient-kit (2x50g jars) DSI UltraSil Putty is good for two steps impression performance when used with UltraSil Light Body wash material and the combination with it guaranteed utmost perfection. DSI Ultrasil Putty is a latest-generation hydrophilic polyvinyl siloxane impression material that gives magnificent wettability, tear strength and dimensional stability. It is appropriate for use as the receptacle material within the putty/wash impression technique for the reproduction of teeth primed for crowns, fixed bridges additionally for both partial and comprehensive removable prosthodontics. 

Perfect operating time/setting time ratio.

• Exceptional consistency.
• Outstanding dimensional stability.
• Brilliant elastic properties (high elastic memory).
• Amazing tear strength.
• Non-sticky. Very smooth.
• Correct and simple to combine.
• Dimensional stability.
• Models could be discharged up to 3 weeks after impression taking.
• Deliquescent properties.

Two-Step putty-wash impression technique.

• One-step putty-wash impression technique.
• Two-step putty-wash impression technique using a foil or plastic putty spacer.
• One-step putty impression technique for forming functional peripheries.
• Any time you need the highest definition impression copy with the maximum detail UltraSil Putty VPS material.


1-1Impression UltraSil Putty


3Impression UltraSil Putty

3-1Impression UltraSil Putty


 ultrasil-putty UltraSil Putty

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