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Vacuum Formed Clear Tray Material

Vacuum Formed Clear Tray Material

VacuumFormingSheet Vacuum Formed Clear Tray Material

DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets are made with dental use in mind. Easy to prepare, flex and trim, yet keeping the initial shape and withstand the masticatory forces for a long period, those high-quality thermoplastic plates are an ideal choice for your everyday practice. 

DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets come in two main types - soft tray and rigid splint.

The DSI Clear Rigid Retainer Splint holds the teeth in the position after surgery or any other realigning method, minimizing the risk of relapse after orthodontic treatment. Available in various thickness options, from 0.03" for an esthetically-pleasing result to 0.12" for nightguards or bruxism appliances. More flexible plastic provides additional strength. Average life: 18 months.

DSI Soft Whitening Tray - as the name suggests, is used for the bleaching trays and model duplication for case transferring. 


  • Clear material with maximum transparency.
  • Not made with natural latex / BPA.
  • Outstanding dimensional stability.
  • Easy to trim and form.
  • Excellent wear and impact resistance.
  • Precise results, maximum convenience
  • Resists to bubbling.
  • Vacuum sealed metal foil packaging for a maximum shelf-life



Product Code
DSI Clear Splint 0.75mm VFP030
DSI Clear Splint 1.0mm VFP040
DSI Clear Splint 2.0mm VT-20H
DSI Clear Splint 3.0mm VT-30H
DSI Soft Tray 1.0mm WP040
DSI Soft Tray 2.0mm WP080
DSI Soft Tray 3.0mm WP120


 DSIVACUUMFORM Vacuum Formed Clear Tray Material

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