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Next-Gen Multi Unit

1Next Next-Gen Multi Unitmulti-angle Next-Gen Multi Unit

The Next-Gen Multi-Unit system provides a fresh look on the screw-retained prostheses solutions, based on the customers' feedback and common cases (for example, multiple unparallel placed implants). This Next Generation Multi-Unit system comprises a full range of sizes and angulations with a wide prosthetic product selection. You will receive an excellent result with no additional items needed - all as a consequence of careful and thoughtful design. The core idea is to keep it simple, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. Material: (Ti6Al4V ELI), abutments are TiN coated. The TiN coating has been proven itself with improved friction and a higher surface scratch resistance. DSI's Multi-Unit kits are a ready-to-use solution that includes all pieces required for any procedure. DSI Next-Gen Multi-Unit is available in 2 connection platforms: ø 2.42 & ø 2.0 mm.



 1Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit

 2Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit


3Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit


4Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit 




5NextContent Next-Gen Multi Unit


6Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit6-12Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit



7Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit7-12Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit


8Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit8-12Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit

 9Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit9-12Next-Gen-Abutment Next-Gen Multi Unit


1NextSmall Next-Gen Multi Unit1-1NextSmall Next-Gen Multi Unit


2NextSmall Next-Gen Multi Unit2-1Small Next-Gen Multi Unit

gaugeclip Next-Gen Multi Unit 



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