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Implant/Screw Removal Set

Total-Remove-Kit1 Implant/Screw Removal Set

Must-have Kit for Every Dental Clinic

Our Implant Removal kit allows you to get rid of deteriorating or misplaced implants speedily, effortlessly and without resorting to a surgical procedure, trephine or suffering. The disproportionate force could cause harm to the teeth of the fixture removers. The proper sized screw should be used in the failed implant. The screw ought to tighten without movement, and the adapter should be used with every procedure.
This technique also can help with the immediate placement of a new implant of the identical diameter back into the socket once well cleaned and treated. For tightening the screws, we recommend a torque of 25 to 30 Ncm.
This kit has an excellent blend of remover and trephine burs. Just screw the fixture remover tip into the implant until it is tight then make use of the hand adaptor or remover wrench to unscrew the implant from the site. It contains new implant removal instruments that lessen rotational slippage to permit greater control over the implant removal process. Built on the recognized counter-torque and reverses screw practice. 
Both osseointegrated and fractured implants are easily removed.
No bone damage and trauma caused to the patients.
No trephine drill is needed.
Applicable to any type of implants with a screw hole.
Capable of removal and replacement of implants in ill-positioned implant placement cases. It helps to remove broken screws without damaging the implant.

Our implant Removal Kit Comprises:
• Specialized Implant Remover Screws (+2 apiece) for those common implant systems.
• Four Second Generation Implant Remover Guides for diverse implant sizes, 2 Connectors, and two Bodies.
• One Special Torque ratchet with two directions for scheduled fixture removal.
• Three heavy-duty Hex Screw Drivers

Main Benefits of Our Implant Removal Kit:
• There is no need for trephine!
• Works with virtually any implant systems! Our Fixture Remover Kit blends with almost all implant systems to successfully remove failed implants.
• Reduces the necessity to use trephine drills.
• The novel and enhanced design lessen rotational slippage to permit for superior control during the course of the implant removal procedure.
• Two wave-like shape parts allow for quicker, plus much more reliable separation of constituents as soon as the implant is removed.
• Very effective instrumentation for a distressing removal of implants
• Eradicates the need of trephine drills and thus reduces a possible bone trauma.
• Well-suited with most implant systems.

How to Use implant remover kit:

1. Expose the implant to be removed.
2. Pick an Implant Remover Screw that relates to the exact implant and threads it into the implant clockwise with all the Hexed Screw Driver.
3. By using the Hexed Screwdriver and Torque Wrench, tighten the Implant Remover Screw in a clockwise direction to 50Ncm.
Restraint: Failure to make tighter the Implant Remover Screw to at least 50-cm may harm the screw and cause loosening throughout implant removal.
4. With the Implant Remover Screw set up manually thread the Implant Remover assembly to the Implant Remover Screw in a counterclockwise direction.
NOTE: All components which could be used intra-orally should be well protected to circumvent aspiration or swallowing.


 2Surgical-kit Implant/Screw Removal Set2-1Surgical-kit Implant/Screw Removal Set


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