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DSI Nylon

Nylon DSI Nylon
DSI Nylon Monofilament suture materials are available in the mono form. It is composed of long-chain aliphatic polymers of nylon. Due to its property of elasticity, it is useful for surface (epidermal, superficial) closure. DSI Nylon suture has a great deal of memory (Memory is the ability of suture material to return to the previous shape after deformation.) and its proclivity for knot slippage is known. Because of 100% synthetic origin, DSI Nylon causes a minimal reaction of the body tissues. DSI Nylon Sutures are made from Nylon - non-absorbable material that becomes encapsulated by connective tissue over time. The strength of the sutures varies according to their size, which can be determined by a uniformly applied number. For example, a 4-0 suture is more delicate, but the 2-0 suture has more strength, so it is very important to choose the right diameter for every procedure. DSI Nylon is non-absorbable sutures and made of materials that are not metabolized by the body, and are used therefore either on skin wound closure, where the sutures can be removed after a few weeks or in some inner tissues in which absorbable sutures are not adequate. This is the case, for example, in the heart and in blood vessels, whose rhythmic movement requires a suture which stays longer than three weeks, and do not lose the strength to give the wound enough time to heal, and completely close. Other organs, like the bladder, contain fluids that make absorbable sutures disappear in only a few days, which is inappropriate because it is too early for the wound to heal.
DSI Nylon is used in dentistry for any kind of surgical procedure, thanks to its strength it has a high demand on the market, among dentistry surgeons. It also can be used in veterinary, and have great effectiveness with every kind of animal.
Distinctive Characteristics of DSI Nylon Sutures:
• Easy passage through tissues due to its low frictional coefficient.
• Minimal tissue reactivity.
• Excellent elasticity.
• Exceptional for skin closures.
• Flexible, easy to handle and tie - Smooth passage through tissue
• Excellent histocompatibility
The smoothness of monofilament nylon sutures gives a clinician the advantage of being easily removed from the tissue. The blue color of Nylon provides great visibility compared to other nylon sutures. - it's easier to see for knot placement and removal in areas of dense natural hair where a black suture is less visible. DSI takes extreme caution in everything that has to be sterile for the patient’s, that is why DSI Nylon monofilament sutures are meet a "Grade A" sterile standards. The local zone for high-risk operations, filling zone, stopper bowls. such conditions are provided by a laminar airflow workstation. Laminar airflow systems provide a homogeneous airspeed in a range of 0.36 – 0.54 m/s (guidance value) at the working position in open cleanroom applications. The maintenance of laminarity is demonstrated and validated. The final stage of sterilization is made with radiology and the gamma-ray sterilization process takes up to one month and never has to be interrupted. DSI Nylon monofilament is licensed with CE and ISO. Those licenses are our promise that we meet the highest world's standards, and have the highest quality material. Every pack has a double sterile layer and laid in an aluminum foil, that protects the sutures. It comes with a needle attached, and ready to use.  Made from the finest and meat reliable surgical steel and laser-sharpened, DSI needles are guaranteed to satisfy every surgeon need with minimal trauma and a speedy recovery for the patient. Reverse cutting shaped needle characterized by its triangular cutting pattern, with apex cutting edge on the outside of the needle curvature. Widely used in dentistry.
Synthetic origin (highest grade raw material).
Excellent know coupling.
Monofilament with a uniform gauge.
Hermetically sealed double packaging.
Blue color suture.
Low tissue reaction upon implantation.
Providing excellent knot security.
Smooth passage through tissue with dragging.
Guaranteed suture sterility.
Excellent visibility in the surgical field.

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