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DSI ApexPaste Iodoform

2ApexPaste DSI ApexPaste Iodoform

Resorption of the filling material is recognized as one of the requirements of a perfect root-canal medicament for pulpectomies of primary teeth. Resorption of the root canal filling material should happen as the primary tooth root is resorbed during exfoliation, permitting the normal eruption of the succedaneous tooth. When iodoform paste was unintentionally extruded from the canals in this process, that is what resorbed within one to two weeks, and none of the succedaneous teeth exhibited enamel disturbances or other morphological defects. Apexpaste iodoform is a viscous mix of calcium hydroxide, and iodoform in a syringe with disposable has now come into the dentistry industry. The primary components of Apexpaste with iodoform is iodoform 40.4%, calcium hydroxide 30.3%, and silicone 22.4%. Apexpaste iodoform when extruded into Furcal or apical areas, may diffuse away or be resorbed partially by macrophages, Bone regeneration has been clinically and histologically acknowledged after using Calcium hydroxide paste with the addition of Iodoform. Apexpaste is utilized because of its easy delivery system; it can be found pre-mixed, pre-packed polypropylene syringes with disposable guidelines. It has established a useful effect on pulpectomy treatment in primary teeth. Apexpaste is better suited for aggressive treatment. It's better antimicrobial properties which have been proving in scientific studies. Apexpaste with iodoform is used as a root canal filling material for pulpectomy treatment for primary teeth resorbed extravascularly and intravascularly without apparent ill effect became clinically and radio-graphically successful. It is a premixed calcium hydroxide paste containing iodoform used as a temporary or permanent root canal filling material after pulpectomy. This paste is packaged into a conventional syringe to remove messy mixing. Iodoform pastes have better resorbability and disinfectant properties. Apexpaste iodoform is known to have some antimicrobial action and is easily resorbed when inadvertently forced past the dental apex. Its ionic dissociation owns the antimicrobial action into Ca2 + and OH− ions. Pre-mixed Calcium hydroxide ApexPaste containing iodoform has better-quality radiopacity and antimicrobial effect.

For direct & indirect pulp capping and pulpotomy.

• Apexification and hard tissue formations.
• Momentary or long-lasting filling material for an infected root canal.
• Treatment of root resorption.
• Acid protection when applying the etch procedure.
• Flawless cavity liner under all filling materials.

Product Benefits:
Non-hardening paste with an oil base.

• Sustained discharge of calcium hydroxide assists in creating secondary dentine.
• Excellent biocompatibility without having toxic effects on the cell.
• Resorption of the filling material is regarded as one of the requirements for the best root-canal medicament for pulpectomies of primary teeth.
• Easy handling and straightforward application.
• Best for an infected root canal and vital pulpotomies in deciduous teeth.
It can be utilized jointly with gutta-percha points and regular root canal sealants.
• Outstanding accessibility to apex, plunger type placement.
• High radiopacity.
• Exceptional antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties.
• Promotes apexification and apexogenesis.

3ApexPaste DSI ApexPaste Iodoform

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