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Zoer Root Cement

Zoer-Root Zoer Root Cement

Root Canal Sealant is typically a two constituent product, for example, powder and liquid, which comprises inorganic metal salts and eugenol correspondingly. DSI Zoer Root Canal Sealant is an antibacterial, non-inflammatory sealant for filling dental root canals. Zoer Root integrates reinforcing polymer contained in the o-ethoxy benzoic acid Eugenol powder. This offers the root strength to address condensation forces along with with guarantee adequate life when used as a temporary filling. By adding the reinforcing agent in the powder instead of the liquid, the mixing properties are improved. Though the Zoer Root is strengthened, it may be easily removed when employed in a temporary restoration. This causes it to become the first-choice material in an extensive range of procedures- from temporary root filling to the complicated multiple infected root treatment. Zoer Root comprises a non-irritating technique that fits the dental restoration resolutions in across-the-board varieties. It has exceptional flowability and fills the lateral canals together with the dentine tubules.

Zoer Root is an antibacterial, non-inflammatory sealant.

Used for:
• Filling dental root canals.

• Treatment of Pulpitis.
• Treatment of periodontitis.
• Filling of the root canals with morphological changes.
• Filling with gutta-percha.

Antiseptic and non-inflammatory.
• Grounded in Grossman's Formula.
• Radiopaque and non-staining.
• Outstanding thermal insulation.
• Very long working time.
• Exceptional lubricating qualities.
• Low zinc ease cytotoxic and inflammatory effects on the tissues.
• Brilliant physical properties for enduring restorations.
• Low polymerization shrinkage
• Higher filler contents.
• Exceptionally high abrasion resistance.
•  Ideal for warm gutta-percha technique
• Outstanding mixing properties.
• It shows clearly under x-ray.

Non-inflammatory formula with antibacterial features.
• Reinforcing component ever enclosed in a powder.
• Outstanding mixing properties with increased working time.
• Excellent thermal insulation when set.
• 6+ hours of mixing time for maximum comfort and control.

1Zoer-Root Zoer Root Cement 

 zical-root-promo Zoer Root Cement



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